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Here’s a young Indian girl who has been rising through the ranks, be it acting in a web-series, or being a sports anchor in the Indian Super League (ISL), or even performing in theatre, where there are no takes and cuts. All you get it that moment. Introducing to you, Aneesha Shah. Her latest project is a theatre play known as The Altamount Road Murders, which is currently being staged at the Royal Opera House.

This English dramatic thriller depicts the story of detective Sam Huston, who thinks he’s solving the murder of a top Mumbai politician, but later realizes how much deeper it was than just a regular homicide. Read Scoops was lucky enough to interview Aneesha and get to know more about her, more about her future in acting and more about The Altamount Road Murders. Keep reading for more!

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ANEESHA SHAH’S Exclusive Interview With Read Scoops:

Q. Aneesha, tell our viewers something more about yourself. 

Well, I am a Bombay girl through and through. I always knew I loved acting but decided to get a degree in Psychology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai as a safety net (which has never been used haha!). After graduating, I’ve spent years studying the craft of acting from Stella Adler’s Studio of Acting, Jeff Goldberg Studio and others, whilst simultaneously landing roles in over 40 TV Commercials and multiple theatre productions. I’ve been fortunate enough to play the lead role in 3 web-series – ‘It’s My City’ produced by Priyanka Chopra, ‘Pyaar On The Rocks’ and Amazon Prime’s ‘Going Viral’.


Last year, Amazon Prime Video‘s latest web-series known as Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. released online, a show based on a startup, whose sole purpose is to make clients happy by making them trend on social media. A season of only 8 episodes, I watched the entire series in a single evening, but it was totally worth it.

In this hilarious Indian comedy series, Aneesha’s performance was a standout one, playing the antagonist, Shravika. Being the villain, she takes away the lead character’s job, but her character is one that anyone would fall in love with. Her expressions and overall performance in that series was what got everyone’s attention.

Q. What do you think has been your best project till date? Why?

This is probably Amazon Prime’s Going Viral. It’s a mockumentary on the world of social media as it is today. It’s directed by writer and comedian Anuvab Pal and has a stellar ensemble cast including Kunaal Roy Kapur, Prabal Panjabi, Kubra Sait (and myself!). I enjoyed everything about that show, from the writing, to the comic timing of the actors as well as the entire experience of working with such intelligent, talented and dedicated people. And the fact that we had comedians on set everyday didn’t hurt either!


Q. Tell us more about your latest project – ‘The Altamount Road Murders’. 

The Altamount Road Murders is a jazz theatre noir show that follows a trail of secrets, lies, corruption, money, and love to its very end where the ultimate betrayal reveals that much more than just thousands of crores have gone missing and two people wound up dead.
We are performing at The Royal Opera House on 30th June, 14th and 15th July, 2018. It’s a crime thriller that’s going to take you for a complete ride – so come for the suspense, the twists, the secrets, the lies and the 1.5 hours of pure entertainment!!


Q. What is more challenging? Theater? Or movies?

Both are challenging in their own ways but theatre is as challenging as it is exciting. No second chances, no room for errors – just a group of actors living every single moment to the fullest for a span of 1.5 hours. As a theatre actor, you have to earn every moment on that stage, every giggle, every gasp, every laugh, and every applause.

Q. A message for young actors and other artists across the country.

My message to aspiring actors in this country would be – know what you want to do and chase it. Understand why you want to be an actor and what about the craft thrills you. Your number one priority should always be improving your skill – so work on your craft every second you get. It is a challenging industry to be a part of but the thrill of knowing your performance has left an impact – that is priceless. Good luck 😀


On behalf of the entire team of Read Scoops, I wish her the best of luck in taking her acting career to the next level, and hope that one day, she will become a household name. Good luck Aneesha!

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