KRK Has 3rd Stage Stomach Cancer?

How do you react when someone announces that they are ill? Especially if they’re extremely ill? If someone announces that they have a final stage cancer, but when it’s someone like Kamaal Rashid Khan, what are you supposed to think? Cancer is a serious illness, but KRK has also been someone who talks and tweets utter, utter crap all the while.

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant was known for all the notorious reasons possible in the house, including being eliminated for physical violence. He then became very famous for his personal Twitter account where he didn’t feel shy to abuse and humiliate even the biggest in our country, or abroad too. Sadly, Twitter take it anymore and suspended his account a few months back!


However, KRK still tweeted his film reviews, through his business Twitter handle @KRKBoxOffice, and he’s managed to be in the headlines yet again, this time because he tweeted claiming that he has an advanced stage of stomach cancer and that he only has a couple of years left to live. Here’s the text within his tweet:

“It’s confirm that I have stomach cancer on 3rd stage, hence I will be alive for 1-2 years more. Now I won’t entertain anybody’s call who will try to make me feel that I am going to die soon. I don’t want to live with anybody’s sympathy even for a day. I will appreciate those people, who will continue to abuse me, hate me or love me like before only, and like a normal person only. I am only sad for my two wishes, which I will not be able to fulfill.(1) I wanted to make an A grade film as a producer. (2) I wanted to work with Amitabh Bachchan ji in a film or produce a film with him. These Both of my wishes will die with me forever. Now I would love to spend my all time with my lovely family. Love you all, whether you hate me or love me. KRK

No news has poured in as to whether or not this news is true but if it is, we wish the entertainer a speedy recovery. Feel free to leave your comments and also check out our Bollywood Scoops section!

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