Qarib Qarib Singlle: Irrfan Khan Dazzles Once Again!

The whole movie can be summed up in one of its dialogues:

“Saath jeene marne waali story nahi hain” (Ours isn’t a love story of living and dying together!)

If you ever put your money on Irrfan Khan to deliver a standout performance, you’ll never be disappointed. This guy is on a different level at the moment. Bollywood hardly gives us good cinema to cheer about although the recently released Newton assured the critics that there is still some hope for Hindi films.

Now back to this film. We have a 35-year old widow, Jaya who lives all by herself and spends her time working and apart from that, babysitting her friends kids, taking them out for shopping, designing clothes for kitty parties (you probably get the idea that she’s independent).

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She’s adamant about dating despite the persistence of her close friends but finally she decides to go out there and register herself on an online dating site where she meets the mysterious 40 year old Yogi.

The moment Irrfan enters the screen as Yogi, he steals the show. The writers have kept Yogi as mysterious as ever, we never get to know what he does for a loving, how he has all the money and so on. Yogi is a self proclaimed poet and a writer (although none of his books sold a copy).

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Their first date in a coffee shop turns out to be a laugh riot and sets the tone nicely for the rest of the movie. Although Jaya is reluctant on meeting him again, she can’t escape his charm and the two further meet and out of nowhere we have an adventurous trip.

Out to meet his 3 ex girlfriends, Yogi and Jaya embark on a journey to serene locations such as Rishikesh and Gangtok. Over the course of the journey we get to see how both the characters complement each other. The whole journey is funny and beautiful benefitting by some great dialogue writing.

This isn’t your regular Bollywood movie and kudos to Tanuja Chandra (Dushman, Sangharsh fame) for making a brilliant comeback movie. This is an alternative and a fresh take on the typical hindi romantic movies with dressed up dolls as actresses.

It’s a Bollywood debut for Malayalam actress Parvathy and she has delivered a top notch performance. As for Irrfan Khan, everything he does looks effortless and amazing. I hope this movie does well at the box office coz we need more movies like this. Also I think both the lead actors deserve to get nominated for this year’s awards.

Enjoy the movie at your nearest theaters. Here’s the official trailer:

Read Scoops Rating: 7.5/10.

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