Vijay Mallya to be Extradited to India Soon?

Vijay Vittal Mallya, a 62-year old businessman, was at one point of time was considered India’s most loved, stylish, glamourous and flamboyant businessman. However, in recent years, Mallya has more known to be a ‘thief’ as he fled from India because of cases of fraud and money laundering that are on him, because of money worth INR 9,000 crore not returned to Indian banks.

The true question here is – Is Vijay Mallya the real criminal that Indian media has made him seem to be? Is here a ‘fraud’? Why is Mallya being held responsible for money borrowed by Kingfisher Airlines? The man spent decades building an empire for which he rightly also earned the nickname of the ‘King of God Times’ but now he’s having to hide out in another country because of the thief tag he has on him in India.

Vijay Mallya set to be extradited to India

In October last year, we reported the news of Mallya being arrested in London, but we knew it was only a matter of time before he was set out free on bail. In a recent series of tweets, he tried to explain his position before his extradition trial in London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier today. Take a look:

At around 5:30pm IST today, the Court ordered for his extradition to India, which was very much welcomed by India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, Mallya is entitled to make an application for permission to appeal to the High Court within 14 days of the ruling, which was today.

Speaking about the ruling, Pavani Reddy, UK-based legal expert said, “If the judge is satisfied that all of the procedural requirements are met, and that none of the statutory bars to extradition apply, he or she must send the case to the Secretary of State for a decision to be taken on whether to order extradition. In case the concerned individual does not file an appeal, and Secretary of State agrees with the magistrate’s decision, then the individual must be extradited from the UK within 28 days of the Home Secretary’s extradition order. This will also apply if an appeal lodged by either party in the High Court is unsuccessful, but the 28 days will commence from the date when the appeal hearing was concluded.”

The liquor baron has been residing in London since 2016 and this could be a major break for the Indian government. However, will Mallya have to face the music when he comes back to India? Or will he be let off by paying the money owed to the banks? Only time will tell. Earlier, Mallya had appealed against having to be taken to India, as Indian jails don’t have proper air and light. For now, the Arthur Road jail is being prepped, where Mallya will be kept if he is successfully extradited.

Here’s another example of the media making Mallya look like a huge criminal:

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