Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) – Government Initiative

The new Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP) has taken the state of Maharashtra (India) by storm. Thousands of teachers in the state of Maharashtra have been attending training programmes to execute ALP in schools during the academic year 2017-18. This, however, is being applied after already being tried and tested in other countries of the world.

A pilot programme was launched in a few Marathi medium schools during the last academic year and teachers vouch for its success. The ALP programme is one which targets the students of Standard 9. The programme’s primary aim is to check drop-outs due to failure at the secondary school level.

In a survey conducted by the department, it was found that most students who fail in Class 9 are unable to clear Mathematics, English and Science subjects. This programme also aims to try and do away with Form 17 (Private SSC), which is a loophole for children who don’t perform well in Standard 9.


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This programme makes use of the ERAC technique – Experience, Reflection, Application and Consolidation being the basics of teaching. This method also advises the use of technology, such as the use of PowerPoint presentations and educational videos, apart from textbook studies.

Teachers now have an additional responsibility to see that their teaching material and method enhances learning and concept formation in these children. Children on their part will have to clear Level I, II and III to be rehabilitated into regular classes. These classes will be held one and a half hour after school hours, ideally.

It will be the responsibility of teachers teaching Math, Science and first language to prepare lessons and self study materials, according to the ERAC technique, and make this available to all the ALP students. Innovation is truly the need of the hours. Teachers, buckle up! Be ready to take on the challenge. Remember, the only ones to benefit will be the children under your care.

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  1. I’m involved in implementation of ALP among the refugees in Dadaab to out of school youths. Your advise on the best practices with regard to how to apply the ten principles would be of great help.

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