Modern Teaching Methods – The Need of the Hour (Part 2)

Innovation is the key to success in today’s fast paced world. New ideas/methods, especially in the field of education are sorely the need of the hour. Another modern teaching method widely used today, toward this end is called Engagement.


Engagement is the method in which students are made to engage with the real world and then analyse everything that happens. This is apart from the usual internship practice and includes social, economical and other spheres.

Instead of the conventional teaching methods, students are actually made to visit places. Eg. Business houses –
here, they are able to see exactly how business takes place instead of plain learning from the textbooks. Special days should be set aside for this type of learning. Children are also required to dress for these occasions – business suits while visiting a place of business.


The idea is to get students involved and connect their learning to the real world. Teachers help as facilitators to make these connections. Brain cells then work to associate ideas. This method results in very effective learning.
New teaching methods aim to improve the quality of education by involving students as much as possible in the education process.

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An Annual Day function had students in a noted school in the Middle East, going out in organized groups, fully prepared to gather sponsorships, donations, costumes etc. Needed for their big event. This, another example of engagement of students in the business and art world.

Initially urged and guided by their teachers, they later developed so many newer ideas and strategies, thereby learning thoroughly lessons for life.

In the words of a teacher – “When my students and I are in flow, then I don’t feel I’m working hard.” Frequently engaging students in various projects also encourages a better level of quality in their work. Keep watching our Edu Scoops section for the next part of this series!


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