Modern Teaching Methods – The Need of The Hour (Part 3)

Sometimes the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ method doesn’t work with certain kids as each one is different and learns differently. To overcome this problem we have another modern method of teaching called Flexible Fridays.


This is a concept wherein in-depth learning of a subject can take place, simply by having a whole day of the same subject presented in different ways. E.g. Having a whole day devoted to mathematics or geography.

On a  Flexible Friday, the teacher tries to help each student with his/her problems. Each child is taught different things which he/she finds difficult at his/her own pace. Therefore, some children write, some learn, some solve and some repeat simultaneously. This method helps the child learn and prevents depression or hours and hours of struggle with the subject at home.

Teachers also find Flexible Fridays easier and more advantageous, as there is increased personal touch between the teacher and the student. Difficult concepts are touched upon and with the added personal attention the child receives, he/she is able to grasp better.

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Flexible Fridays
Flexible Fridays

The Flexible Friday method can even be stretched to a whole week of a single subject at a time. E.g. A whole week of either English, Mathematics or Science. This helps the teachers and students to get thru the syllabus faster, as time is saved by not having breaks and having to switch for the other subjects.

Care should be taken that these days are planned in detail beforehand so that the students benefit, to the maximum, from these days/weeks.

Each method spoken about in this series is equally innovative and constructive. Teachers know their students best and so they are the simply the best persons to decide whether they want to use Flexible Fridays, Spaced Learning or the Engagement method to facilitate optimum learning. 🙂🙂

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