North America to Witness Solar Eclipse – How to Watch Safely?

Today (21st August) will be a day to remember for everyone residing/vacationing in North America, as the continent will be able to witness a solar eclipse.

Viewers from all around the world will also get a live coverage and a wealth of images of this celestial event, as NASA is covering the entire event. This includes live streaming across all social network platforms as well as a complete program covering the path of the eclipse. Head here (NASA website) for complete details.

People will be lucky enough to witness this phenomenon even if they’re sitting at home, as the moon will be completely blocking out the path of the sun today. At least 70% of the sun will be obscured by the moon and we would request you not to watch this eclipse with the naked eye.

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Yes, protection of the eyes is very important and the eclipse shouldn’t be watched without the proper safety equipment. The eclipse is said to peak at anytime between 1:20pm and 4pm EDT, depending on your geographical location.

The event is being referred to as the ‘Great American Eclipse’ as it marks the first time since 1979 that a total solar eclipse will be visible in America. The eclipse is set to begin in Oregon and will slowly make its way diagonally to South Carolina.

Be safe!

  • Never watch the solar eclipse with the naked eye – eyes can get hurt and you can even go blind.
  • Do not watch the eclipse through pinholes, binoculars, telescopes or even normal sunglasses.
  • Always have your back towards the sun during an eclipse.
  • Project the sun. A simple DIY (Do It Yourself) card projector can be made within no time. Read how to make a card projector here.
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