41-Year Old Brock Lesnar is Universal Champion

They all said age is just a number and I refused to believe it, but Brock Lesnar has gone ahead and made me see it. The professional wrestler is 41-years old but that clearly doesn’t stop the man from excelling, just a couple of hours back becoming the new WWE Universal Champion.

We were all set for a Triple Threat match at Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the fans were excited, thrilled to see their favourite stars in Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, with all three set to battle it out for the big red belt that is kept aside for the prestigious WWE Universal Champion winner.


However, Reigns was on a leave of absence for the treatment of his leukemia which showed its ugly face one more time. This title match turned out to be a singles game between Lesnar and Strowman, with the former showing his dominance right from the start, hitting Strowman with an F5 thrice, but he managed to kick out of all three. The fourth however, saw Strowman on the floor outside the ring.

Lesnar was on fire on the night, treating the Saudi Arabia fans to something special. On his fourth attempt at the F5, he decided to throw his opponent out of the ring, after making him beg for mercy on the floor moments before. Strowman survived the count-out and got it back into the ring.

Take a look:

The fifth F5 soon followed from Lesnar and what can I say? This time, Strowman wasn’t able to survive. He couldn’t kick out. Result? Lesnar becomes your new WWE Universal Champion. The 41-year old veteran is now a 2-time WWE Universal Champion, making him the only 2-time winner of this prestigious title.
Just before the bell rang to kick off this finale match, Raw acting General Manager, Baron Corbin gave Lesnar an unfair advantage by hitting Strowman in the back with the Universal Championship belt itself, allowing Lesnar a head-start and an early attempt at the F5. Overall, it looked like a walk in the park for the new champion!

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