Bigg Boss 11 12th November Episode Written Update

Vidya Balan was the guest for Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, who entered the Bigg Boss house, meeting Vikas and Shilpa as they conducted their task of hosting a radio show ‘Bindass Bol’. Shilpa made the viewers crack up early on in the episode, saying she is often told that she looks like Vidya. LOL.

The hosts of the radio show (Vidya/Shilpa/Vikas) asked Puneesh why he loved Bandgi, and after he answered, they also asked Bandgi if she loved Puneesh equally, and after a lot of thinking, she replied with ‘Haa, haa, haa..’ (Yes, yes, yes).

The radio jockeys then asked questions to each of the housemates, and also dedicated a song to each of them. After what seemed like a lifetime, there were a lot of jokes and laughter shared among the contestants, taking a break from their routine of nasty fights.

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The twist for this week was that there wouldn’t be just one person to be evicted from the Bigg Boss 11 house, but two!

The show’s host and my favourite Salman Khan was on and he had a small chat with the contestants before telling them that 2 people will be evicted. Salman was particularly pleased with Akash’s role in the house, while he termed the rest as ‘over-smart’ people.

Instead of waiting for the end of the episode, Salman called out Mehjabi in the middle of the episode, and this surprised most of the contestants. However, they all agreed that they knew that Mehjabi would be eliminated this week.

This weeks Sultani Akhada featured Priyank and Vikas – three rounds to be played to choose a winner. Surprisingly, Vikas won and most of the contestants lauded his effort, including those who don’t get along too well with him. Good job Vikas!

Then came the part where the second contestant was to be eliminated, and after having a little fun with Benafsha, Salman finally announced that it will be Sabysachi who will be leaving the house. Sapna cried bitterly as Sabya walked out but once again, this was quite an expected result, as there wasn’t much of him seen on TV throughout the week.

Tomorrow, we begin a new week in the Bigg Boss house. Tune in to Colors at 11pm IST to watch the show or keep an eye on our Entertainment section for a full written update of tomorrow’s episode.

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