Bigg Boss 11 14th November Episode Written Update

For those who are avid fans of Bigg Boss 11, you would know that the previous day’s episode went in Akash suspecting Vikas & Shilpa in staging their entire fight to gain footage in the Bigg Boss house, and also saying that they may eventually fall in love.

Further, the contestants had to do various tasks to save their friends from nominations, wherein Luv had ‘ZERO’ tattooed on his head (in mehendi), Priyank had to be shaved bald and Hiten had to shred a family photograph. Now, let’s talk about what happened in the 14th November episode.

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This was the continuation of the ‘nomination special’ episode, and Hina was automatically nominated by Bigg Boss as Luv wasn’t supposed to hide his ‘Zero’ by make-up, which he did. Even though Hina & Luv repeatedly said that they didn’t use make-up, it was evident that they did when Arshi used make-up remover on Luv.

Hiten lost his temper with Akash and the two had an argument – the first time Hiten yelled at someone in the house, even though he saved Akash from nominations the previous day. This short fight was succeeded by Vikas destroying his ‘Lost Boy’ jacket to save Shilpa from nominations.

Next was Arshi’s turn and she had to convince her friend Shilpa to ruin her brother’s Diwali present by immersing it in red paint. Out of all of the contestants, Shilpa did her bit with the least amount of drama. However, the best was yet to come, with Puneesh getting the toughest deal of all!

To save Puneesh from nominations, Bandgi had to give away all her clothes and make-up, keeping just two outfits with her. Even though Puneesh asked her not to do so, Bandgi did it and saved him. What a sacrifice, eh? But would she get someone to save her as well?

Bigg Boss asked her to make Akash shave his head bald, if she wanted to be safe from the nominations. While she knew this was going to be tough, Puneesh took it upon himself to convince Akash to do it. Puneesh begged him, but Akash was very hesitant to lose his hair and go bald. However, Puneesh was hell-bent on saving Bandgi after she saved him.

He went to the trimmer and shaved himself in minutes, and it was then Luv’s chance of saving himself – Hina had to destroy her favourite soft toy and send it to the storeroom in order to save Luv from the nominations.

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When Vikas went up on the chair, Bigg Boss told him that he would be safe if Arshi Khan sacrificed all her nighties and kept them in the storeroom. Vikas himself laughed when he heard this, but Arshi proved everyone wrong by agreeing to this in a few seconds.

In comes Sapna, and she refused the task and told Bigg Boss to nominate herself immediately. This was clearly the toughest task given as Puneesh had to wear Sapna’s ‘salwaar kameez’ from now till Sunday. Vikas tried to convince Puneesh but his answer was a clear ‘NO‘. Poor Sapna remained nominated for this weekend!

Housemates nominated for this weekend:

  • Benafsha
  • Sapna
  • Hina

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