Bigg Boss 11 15th November Episode Written Update

Over the last couple of days, we have had the nomination special episodes in Bigg Boss 11, with contestants having to make personal sacrifices to save other housemates from entering into the weekly elimination. Today’s episode was about the luxury budget task, but there was a lot of other drama happening.

The episode begins with the contestants waking up in the morning and most of the housemates yelling at Priyank and Benafsha spending the night in bed together. While Priyank accepted his mistake, Ben continued to argue and defend what she did, leading to the others shouting at her even more.

Benafsha said that she had a hard night and wanted to talk to a friend, but the rest clearly didn’t buy that and Hina yelled at the two for doing such a thing, making them understand that they are on national television, and mustn’t do certain things that most would do in their own houses.

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For the luxury budget task, the house was transformed into a mini Jurassic park, with the contestants divided into dinosaurs and caretakers, with Hiten as the sanchalak (referee). Luv, Vikas & Puneesh became the dinosaurs in a task that would help decide the captaincy contenders.

As a part of the task, every time the siren rang, the dinosaurs had to fight between themselves and the first one out of the gate would have a chance to kick out one contender who they don’t want as captain of the house. Luv (the bouncer), of course, was the first one out.

The first siren led to the three of them fighting and Luv’s costume tearing, so the three of them all took of their costumes and planned to carry out this task peacefully. However, nothing ever happens peacefully in the Bigg Boss house.

A huge fight broke out between Vikas and the other two dinosaurs as he broke their trust and broke Hina’s card from the captaincy contenders’ list even though they decided it should’ve been Sapna. Sapna got annoyed and went and kicked out her own card as well, saying that she wasn’t interested and wasn’t deserving of becoming the captain anyway.

However, Vikas said that he did this as revenge, given that Luv ran out and kicked Arshi’s card when they had planned on not doing so. Hiten also scolded Sapna for her childish behaviour and told her that it could affect their luxury budget once again!

Among all of this, the fact that Ben and Priyank were fighting almost went unnoticed. She seemed to have got pissed with him and called him a disgusting person. Could Priyank have been deliberately maintaining distance after Hina and gang explained to them what they were doing wrong in the morning? Was he scared of doing his reputation harm?

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