Bigg Boss 11 16th November Episode Written Update

If you watched the previous episode, you would know that the contestants were participating in the luxury budget task, which was also the task to select candidates for the next captain of the house. The 16th November episode was a continuation of this task.

  • The day began with Vikas taunting Luv early in the morning and then getting into a fight with Priyank.
  • Priyank and Benafsha seem to be continuing their romance in the house, getting cozy outdoors.
  • Akash Dadlani was having fun taunting the duo of Arshi and Shilpa early in the morning as well.

The two men who lost their hair (Priyank & Akash) entertained the housemates for a while, as they set up a beat on the dining table while Akash was rapping a song based on the situation in the house. Luv, Puneesh & Benafsha later joined in but those being sang about weren’t enjoying as much (Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas).

The contestants then got back to planning as to whose card will be kicked out next, as it was time to get the task started once again. Before it began however, Shilpa tried to have talk with Akash and sort out the problems between the. Her efforts were fruitless.

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There was a huge fight between the three dinosaurs as Vikas & Luv both refused to let go of the door, getting extremely physical as well. After a lot of yelling and pushing/pulling, Luv finally got through and smashed Akash’s card, removing him as a contender to become the captain.

Clearly, none of the dinosaurs were listening to the referee Hiten.

When the siren next rang, Vikas & Puneesh skillfully pulled back Luv and Puneesh crossed the line first. He kicked out Benafsha from the captaincy contenders list and then ran out when the siren rang again, this time kicking out Sapna’s card after a lot of thinking.

Puneesh then ran out for a third successive time, kicking out Priyank’s card as he attempted to save Bandgi and make her a contender for the next captain of the house. Housemates weren’t happy as most of the deserving contenders for captain were now out of the running.

Drama continued as Vikas was the last one to come out of the cage and he had to choose a captaincy contender from between Hiten & Bandgi. However, he refused to take down any of their cards and said he doesn’t mind going to jail for that. Some contestants made fun of him while the rest of them convinced him to do it.

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While Vikas was ready to make up his mind, Bandgi started crying which made Vikas even more indecisive. Vikas clearly believed that Hiten would become a better captain but he ended up choosing Bandgi due to those few tears and the Bigg Boss 11 house had three new captaincy contenders:

  • Luv
  • Puneesh
  • Bandgi

Keep voting for you think should be the winner of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa seems to be a huge favourite:

Tune in to Colors at 10:30 pm IST tomorrow to know who becomes the captain of the house, or head over to our Entertainment Scoops section for a complete written update.

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