Bigg Boss 11 20th November Episode Written Update

Yesterday on Bigg Boss 11, we had a sort of a surprise elimination, with Benafsha Soonawalla being evicted from the controversial show. Sapna Choudhary hasn’t been seen much on the show of late and I would’ve expected her to be eliminated rather than Benafsha.

After her romantic moments with Priyank within the house, Ben’s relationship status was certainly in doubt, especially since Priyank’s girlfriend had already broken up with him. However, while the episode began with Priyank crying on TV, Benafsha posted a picture with her boyfriend after leaving the house:

Today (Monday) was the nomination special and as usual, India would’ve been eager to know who would be nominated for this weekend’s eviction. The Appy Fizz nomination task gave everyone a chance to save themselves as the task began with all the housemates being nominated.

4 people would sit in the Appy Fizz member’s area outside the house and every time the siren rings, the four have to mutually decide who should leave the member’s lounge and elect someone else to replace them. The siren would ring 6 times and the four housemates left in the member’s area would be safe from the nominations.

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The contestants began deciding what tactics they would use to save themselves and each other. Hiten, Arshi, Vikas & Hina began the task and after the first siren, Hina was removed from the member’s lounge and asked Priyank to take her place. She also told him that she expected him to return the favour and save her towards the end of the task.

While the four within the club were arguing, Hina was busy plotting with the rest and trying to find a way she could save herself. At the ring of the second siren, Priyank was sent out by the rest in the club, and he asked Sapna to replace him.

The third siren saw Sapna going out. She asked Hina to replace her, and the other three (Hiten, Arshi, Vikas) told her they refused to leave the members-only club. They mutually agreed on sending out Hina AGAIN, who asked Priyank to replace her, AGAIN!

Hina seemed shocked as Priyank said he wants to stay as she thought he would want to save her. The rest within were busy trying to get Priyank to stay and make sure Hina wouldn’t be saved. The planning continued until the buzzer went off for the 5th time and they club members decided to send out Priyank.

Priyank duly asked Sapna to replace him, just as he did the first time. They waited for the final buzzer and Sapna was ready to keep her promise of walking out and asking Hina to replace her. As the final buzzer rang, she walked out and dropped a bomb on the rest of the housemates.

While the plan was to send Hina in all along, Sapna brought the final twist into the game by sending in Luv and turning the tables. Sapna then got into nasty fights, first with Bandgi outdoors and then with Shilpa in the kitchen area.

After the task, those nominated for the evictions were Hina, Puneesh, Akash, Priyank, Shilpa & Sapna. Akash was given the opportunity to use the immunity that he had and he used it, saving himself from the nominations. Further, the captain Bandgi was asked to save someone. She selected Puneesh. NO SURPRISES THERE, LOL.

Those nominated for the weekend’s eviction:

  • Hina
  • Priyank
  • Shilpa
  • Sapna

In tomorrow’s episode, Bigg Boss makes the outside area of the house into a mini-courtroom and this task creates huge fights within the housemates, especially between Arshi Khan & Priyank Sharma. Tune in to Colors tomorrow at 10:30 pm IST, or head over to our Entertainment Scoops section for the full written update.

Also, vote for who is the most deserving candidate to win Bigg Boss 11:

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