Bigg Boss 11 21st November Episode Written Update

Yesterday’s episode was the nomination special and the final outcome was four housemates being nominated:

  • Shilpa
  • Hina
  • Sapna
  • Priyank

Today’s episode began with the housemates waking up to The Breakup Song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. In this episode, Bigg Boss made the house into a mini courtroom called the ‘Bigg Boss Court’ for the luxury budget task. The name of the task was BB Adaalat, and would also affect the captaincy.

Hiten & Arshi were made a couple who were going through a divorce and the rest of the house were family members of the couple. Bandgi & Sapna were the judges and Hina & Vikas were the lawyers. There would be many sessions throughout the day and each session would be won by one family.

The task began and it was the noisiest courtroom I have ever seen as it wasn’t just the lawyers and judges that were talking, but both the families were shouting at each other. Priyank was the first called as a witness and he threw a lot of dirt on Arshi, especially about her attitude of flirting with men in the house.

While a lot of yelling was taking place, Akash was playing the perfect role of Hiten’s younger brother and was busy crying in the courtroom. I had to turn down the volume of my TV as it was a very noisy episode. The first session got extremely ugly as Arshi was almost in tears hearing the accusations on her.

The two judges (Bandgi/Sapna) discussed the evidence that they had and even though Hina made a couple of statements that should’ve won them the session, the judges decided they didn’t have enough of evidence. However, it wasn’t a very classy session by Hina & Priyank.

The next session began and Hina accused Shilpa (Arshi’s mother in the task) of being disrespectful. Vikas called Hiten up as a witness, and started interrogating him, and Akash was then called up. From the judges, only Bandgi seemed to be using her head, as Sapna was clearly behind biased towards Hina.

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The second session turned out to be noisier than the first one, and nastier as well. While Arshi was busy being accused, she decided to taunt Priyank about some adult things said about him on national television. Priyank lost his cool and let her have it; she then took to trying to break the Priyank-Hina friendship by saying it was Hina who spoke these adult things.

If you think today’s episode was nasty, do tune in for tomorrow’s episode at 10:30 pm IST on Colors, or head to our Entertainment Section for a full written update. The fights between Arshi-Priyank and Arshi-Hina only get worse tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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