Bigg Boss 11 22nd November Episode Written Update

The 21st November episode of Bigg Boss 11 was an extremely noisy one with the ‘Bigg Boss Adaalat’ task. Sadly, the 22nd November episode was equally noisy, being a continuation of the same task, and also a continuation of the nasty fight being Priyank & Arshi, and Hina & Arshi.

Arshi didn’t like some of the accusations coming her way, and she decided to retaliate by throwing some dirt on Priyank Sharma, and also trying to hurt his relationship with Hina by bringing up past bedroom talks between Hina & Sabyasachi (about Priyank). Hina, of course, denied everything.

Reason for fight: Priyank spoke about her wearing less clothes in the house. Arshi spoke about his sexuality (calling him gay).

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Arshi warned Priyank multiple times to stay away or else she would hit him and also kick him (laat maarunga). Vikas had to literally hold up Arshi and carry her away to end this fight but the sentiments were hurt on both sides. Akash, who has been extremely quiet in the house of late, offered Arshi a shoulder to cry on.

Bigg Boss ended the task for the day but the fight continued between Priyank & Arshi – in a more sober way now, and in a way that is more fun to watch for viewers. However, it started escalating once again, with Arshi having a go at Hina in the washroom area now.

Priyank swore on his mother and his career that he didn’t speak anything about Arshi that was degrading or against her character. The episode then switched to the next morning, with the housemates waking up to the song Kambakkht Ishq from the same movie.

The next morning, Shilpa took it upon herself to confront Hina – now starting a fight saying that she is isn’t everyone’s servant making food for everyone in the kitchen. After all this drama, we were finally ready to start the second part of the luxury budget task.

Vikas then brought Hina herself up to the witness box, and brought up old topics about when Zubair Khan was in the house, and how she didn’t support Arshi at the time. Luv was then called to the box and he supported Hina’s statements, while Arshi brought up the topic of Luv looking at her chest a few weeks back.

The judges decided that Vikas didn’t have much proof to support his accusations and they awarded the session to lawyer Hina Khan (Team Hiten). Tune in on 23rd November to watch the task to decide the new captain; this episode will also see the end of the Akash-Puneesh friendship.

Vikas has been a mediator among those fighting yesterday and I’m sure his fans will increase!

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