Bigg Boss 11 27th November Episode Written Update

If you watched yesterday’s Bigg Boss 11 episode, you would know that the house has one less housemate now, with Sapna Chaudhary getting evicted last night. Today, the episode began with Priyank & Luv apologizing in front of the cameras for having disrespected women in any kind of way. It was a good gesture by them by the contestants believe it was done only for the cameras.

With the fight between Arshi & Shilpa, the latter suddenly found herself completely alone in the kitchen, with Hina & Akash on Arshi’s side and Shilpa all by herself. Hina found herself getting into an argument with Shilpa after wasting a paratha, while Arshi & Shilpa were continuously taunting each other.

Puneesh-Akash battle!

The fight then moved on to Puneesh & Akash, and it got very, very, very ugly. A-kash was busy cooking himself some eggs when Puneesh lost his temper and flung his eggs onto the floor of the living room. He then also took off his slipper and threw it in Akash’s direction.

Bigg Boss 11 Read Scoops

Whoever provoked this argument, I will say one thing – Puneesh must be punished for this. He cannot throw food on national television like that, and get away with it. Bandgi, being his girlfriend, was being stupid, saying he has been controlling his temper so far. Both just making a fool of themselves, really!

Clearly, the friendship between Puneesh & Akash is now over, with Puneesh also saying he will continue this outside the Bigg Boss house!

After a commercial break, the nominations began, where Hiten was safe because he was the captain of the house. It was a normal nomination process with each contestants naming two housemates they would like to nominate. Everyone seemed to be taking similar names and the three nominated were:

  • Puneesh
  • Bandgi
  • Luv

Akash, Luv & Priyank then dressed up similarly and danced a song for Bigg Boss. While Bandgi & Shilpa were discussing how stupid they looked, I must say that they were pretty entertaining and did exactly what would gain them fans across India.

The episode went on and arguments went on, especially between Shilpa and Arshi. Hiten then got extremely frustrated as people weren’t listening to his orders as captain, and Hina & Luv were enjoying seeing Hiten in that state.

Shilpa & Arshi tried to talk it out in the washroom area, but it was of no avail as they ended up arguing once again. Apart from that major fight, this was a relatively boring episode. However, tomorrow promises to be fun, as the weekly tasks begin.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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