Bigg Boss 11 5th December Episode Written Update

Yesterday’s episode was the nomination special and Akash & Shilpa were the victims of that nomination process. Today, the Bigg Boss 11 house turned into a daycare center. Read further for the full update of the 5th December episode.

Akash gave us a little entertainment by singing a little song while the housemates were having breakfast, and Puneesh joined in to make some fun of Vikas. The way the housemates were talking among themselves was as if they knew Akash stood no chance against Shilpa in the eviction this weekend.

Today’s task would affect the captaincy contenders and as per the day care task, the housemates all became baby sitters who had dolls with names of other housemates. Every time the siren rang (baby crying), the baby sitters had to run to the parking area in the garden area, taking their dolls in the pram.

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Whoever doesn’t get a parking spot, will be out of the task and also out of a chance to become the captain. All the baby sitters would run for a parking spot to save someone else as captain. At the sound of the first baby crying, Priyank was deep inside the house and wasn’t able to get a spot. Hence, Puneesh was removed as a captaincy contender.

At the sound of the second bell, Arshi didn’t make it to a parking spot (deliberately) and her doll was Shilpa, meaning Shilpa wouldn’t become the next house captain. As the task was going on, Akash also made up with Arshi and even got a kiss from her after saying sorry.

Akash then didn’t bother to walk his pram at the next siren, removing Hiten as a captaincy contender, and Hiten wasn’t very happy with this behaviour. Now started the planning among the housemates (especially Vikas) as to who they would make the next captain.

Vikas was the mastermind of the task, and the only one who knew what the task was all about, to be honest. After lot of planning, Akash told Hina that he wasn’t interested in becoming the captain, and asked Hina to give up his name from the task.

At the sound of the fourth siren, Akash was eliminated as Hina was busy in the washroom area, listening to Akash. With this, Bigg Boss ended today’s task, which means you will have to tune in tomorrow to know who will win this captaincy contender task.

Arshi was the next to say that she isn’t interested in becoming the captain, as she believes that those wanting to become captain are scared of nominations and she wasn’t scared of that. Arshi and Vikas then got into a fight while the episode ended with Akash trying his best to convince Shilpa to lose and let Arshi win the task.

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