Bigg Boss 11 8th November Episode Full Written Update

The day was all about ‘Mission Bigg Boss 11‘ which was a combination of the luxury budget task and also one of the most important tasks of the season, as it would affect the total prize money amount. Contestants were supposed to be seated in an artificial spacecraft until they were asked to leave.

After every certain interval, a siren would ring and contestants had a chance to leave the spaceship. However, there was a catch, as every time someone left, a certain amount would be deducted from the total prize money. The ‘sanchalak‘ of the task was captain Puneesh Sharma; meaning he was supposed to be in charge of the task.

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However, the housemates left in the rocket all cheated on the task, as they all took turns of leaving and going into the house and into the washroom, as the captain was busy snoring on the couch. Sadly, leaving the spaceship wasn’t allowed and the contestants clearly cheated; Bigg Boss told them they were guilty of cheating the next morning.

Hiten walking out of the rocket was the biggest hit for the whole house, as his elimination from the task cut a massive Rs. 10 lakh from the prize money. However, among all of this, fights must continue in the Bigg Boss house. Puneesh and Priyank got into a nasty fight while Benafsha and Akash got into an argument as well.

Bigg Boss then cancelled the entire task and announced that their luxury budget for the week was 0, and also that the remaining prize money was deducted to 0 (for the first time in Bigg Boss history). This created a series of fights and accusations in the house, as they knew there was now a lot less to play for. It also led to Hina getting emotional in front of the cameras.

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