Bigg Boss 11 9th November Episode Full Written Update

Arshi tried to spice things up at the start of the episode by accusing Luv of staring at her chest. She called him and spoke to him, but he denied having done so and blamed Hina & Priyank for talking about what Arshi was wearing. This lead to Arshi losing her cool with Hina and threatening to thrash her.

As the episode went on, it felt like I was watching a romantic show as one couple (Puneesh-Bandgi) were cozying up in the hall while a new romance seemed to be starting between Benafsha & Priyank. However, that seems to be more of a one-sided romance from Benafsha, who regularly just called it ‘dosti’ (friendship).

The next morning began with an argument between the girls. What started as just an argument between Sapna, Benafsha and Mehjabi, soon turned out to be a nasty fight between Mehjabi & Hina, about something that was said the previous day during ‘Mission Bigg Boss 11’.

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Arshi went on taunting Hina throughout the episode, searching for a fight but Hina kept her cool and danced away every time. However, she broke down near the pool and began crying saying that everyone is talking about her and that she doesn’t like all the negativity.

In the whole episode and actually throughout the week, the likes of Hiten & Sabyasachi have gone unnoticed, while Akash seemed to have a quiet day as well. He was vindicated as Bigg Boss punished Benafsha for pulling Akash’s hair the previous day, nominating her for the next week, and also sending her to the Kaal Kothri (jail).

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Here’s something she posted with him a few days back:

Kiki… I'm fortunate enough that u love me.. those days of Splitsvilla are like a fairy tales… today when I watch our episodes I realise how badly we cried… obviously not good for a Tv show… my parents cried too.. not about going out of the show… it was about us… being together… those tears can't be fake.. I don't know about today… but that day.. I saw love in your eyes .. mat jaa yaar.. we both are meant to be together.. I miss u Priyank.. it's wrong to express like this.. but I couldn't help myself… jaise bhi ho… mere ho… I love you… win in life.. no matter what show… I stick by your side… until u ask me to go… it's no more about the show… my parents today asked me.. did u really felt so deep… they saw us crying like this… I don't know what to say…

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If you read yesterday’s update, you would know that the housemates reduced their total prize money amount to ZERO. The 9th November episode continued with them arguing among themselves, as they had to choose 2 people because of whom the task failed.

The three captaincy contenders then had to choose the two failures and this is what they decided:

  • Hiten
  • Hina

Hina, Hiten and Benafsha were sent to the Kaal Kothri (jail), where they will be locked up until Bigg Boss’ next announcement. Arshi however, didn’t feel bad for Hina, as she was in her face even as she stepped down into the jail.

Arshi then took it upon herself to instigate Luv for a fight, asking him why he isn’t looking at her modesty anymore. She had Akash on her side, and there were a couple of ‘face in face’ situations between Priyank/Luv and Akash. I can’t wait for the Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman!

Tune in to Colors tomorrow at 10:30 pm IST for the continuation, or just head over for our written update in the Entertainment Scoops section. Cheers!

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