Bigg Boss 12 19th September Episode Update

For all those who haven’t been in tough with the latest season of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss, here’s a list of all the participants of the show. Bigg Boss 12 kicked off just a couple of days back and today we saw the first weekly nominations of the season, which will open up the voting lines and one unpopular housemate will make an exit come the weekend.

The episode began with former Indian cricketer Sreesanth apologizing to the sisters Saba and Somi for something he said about their ‘bad upbringing’. Of course, it later also helped him get saved from the nomination process, which was done by Bigg Boss in a very unique way this time around.

However, there was a lot of excitement and entertainment before the nominations actually began, wherein Romil and Shivashish Mishra were lying around and judging who were the smart contestants in the house. This was followed by Deepak Thakur providing some major entertainment in his broken English.


Thakur, singer of the beautiful song ‘Moora’ from Gangs of Wasseypur, was the highlight of the day. As if his expression after seeing a jacuzzi for the first time wasn’t enough, the youngster entertained one and all with his English jokes that were pretty cute. His innocence also led him to being saved from the nominations later in the day.

Here’s a little bit of his singing and ‘masti’ in the house:

For the nominations, the celebs were asked to nominates one out of every two pairs that Bigg Boss displayed on the living room screen, while the commoners had to come in and do the same for the celebs later. As for Sreesanth, he came here without a pair so he was displayed alone and the commoners were asked whether they want him saved or nominated. Answer – SAVED.

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