Crisis on Earth X: DC TV Supergirl Crossover Part I

The Arrowverse has given us successful crossovers before, and this year DC TV is back with another crossover known as ‘Crisis on Earth X‘. The Arrowverse crossover will be featured in four DC series covering ‘Supergirl (Season 3, episode 8)’, ‘The Flash (Season 4 episode 8)’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3 episode 8)’ and ‘Arrow (Season 6 episode 8)’.

Crisis on Earth X DC TV
Arrowverse crossover event 2017

The first part of the four begins in Season 3 episode 8 of ‘Supergirl.

The introduction to the crossover was really exciting with visuals from Earth X and every superhero of our earth was busy fighting against bad ass villains in their respective world, while they receive Barry Allen (The Flash) and Iris West’s wedding invitation. The best moment from here was Barry fighting against the shark monster and Iris being more worried about the wedding caterers.

Previously on Supergirl:

Kara (Supergirl) found out that Mon El (her ex-boyfriend) was alive and he crash landed in the future where he spent almost 7 years; he is now married to a girl. Her sister just called off her engagement, and they both had a lonely and sad time.

Kara received Barry’s wedding invitation and she decides to take her sister Alice along with her to the wedding. Since Kara is from another earth, she uses the Cisco’s device (not Cisco company. Cisco Ramon from STAR labs) to travel to Barry’s earth (multiverse concept) opening the breach that allows you to travel to and fro multiple earths.

Rehearsal Dinner of Barry and Iris on Arrowverse
Rehearsal Dinner of Barry and Iris on Arrowverse

A quite interesting episode as all the superheroes with different feelings join the ‘Barry and Iris rehearsal dinner’ ceremony. It was like a meetup of the super-heroes. This was the first time on DC TV that the heroes were seen interacting with each other verbally and physically. Last season when the Dominators attacked earth, we saw some amazing action in the crossover but the interaction between them was minimal.

The first part of the crossover was relatively quiet, full of love, sharing of feelings with each and getting over the sad moment. Of course the superheroes do have a life and they need to get over things and be mentally stable to fight against their enemies.

Just a glimpse of the interaction in this episode:

Joe prepares the speech for Barry and Iris, fight between Oliver (The Green Arrow) and Felicity over marriage, Alice and Sara Lance (White Canary) love making scene, Barry talking to Kara about Mon El and asking her to sing for his wedding, Rory enjoying the food back in Central City, Cisco and Wells helping Jefferson and Grey to break Firestorm and much more.

Barry Allen and Iris West Weddig

The beautiful wedding day arrives and as always, trouble keeps coming up whenever Barry and Iris decide to marry each other; this time the Nazis from Earth X strike their wedding. The crossover begins with the fight between the Supergirl from the Earth X and Kara; Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and The Evil Arrow from Earth X (he had red arrows); Adrian Chase from Earth X fighting Sara Lance and Alice (Supergirl’s sister); Wally West (kid Flash rescuing people at the wedding), Cisco Ramon (The Vibe), Katlin (Killer Frost), Rory with Fire gun taking away the Nazis.

There is a whole lot of action that you wouldn’t want to miss in Part I – Crisis on Earth X (DC TV) Crossover event. You need to watch Supergirl Season 3 Episode 8 to know more. Second part of the crossover coming soon.

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