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Earlier, to get yourself a high paying job, you needed a degree or two in which you may have invested a lot of time and money. However, the situation is changing slowly, with kids these days getting jobs as ‘Social Media Analysts/Strategists/Marketers and more. Mind you, these pay pretty well too!

Here’s a new show by Amazon Prime Video that I watched recently and I suggest you watch it too. The series is about a startup known as Going Viral Pvt Ltd, and there are no prizes for guessing what they do. Yup, all they do is make content go viral on the internet.

Well, like our main character @Gaurav (Kunal Roy Kapur) says in one of the episodes that everyone is always proved wrong when it comes to going viral – you never really know what works. Sometimes, the silliest things go viral across the web while projects that have a lot of hard work put into go unnoticed.

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Read Scoops Going Viral
Gaurav and wife Natasha

That’s what the entire first season is about – a startup whose sole purpose is to make clients happy be making them trend on social media. Will they survive in this business? Or will they fall apart? I wouldn’t want to spoil things for you, so I’d suggest you watch it yourself and find out.

“It’s either Viral, or Spiral”

The entire first season is shot documentary style, with a video being made on the top startups in India. The Going Viral office is in Mumbai and our hero @Gaurav adopts the perfect Mumbaiya accent for the role. Along with saving the office, he also has to save his marriage – his wife Natasha (Kubra Sait) is also the CFO of the company.


SPOILER ALERT – Natasha reveals in the last episode of the season that Gaurav having ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is one of the reasons that their marriage isn’t working out.

The series only has 8 episodes of between 20-30 minutes each, and I promise you I completed the entire season in one evening. That’s how gripping and humourous the show actually was, except that they could’ve done better in the last couple of episodes.

Read Scoops Gaurav Going Viral

GOING VIRAL IN A NUTSHELL – Gaurav, his wife, a few employees, the peon, a few clients, their office, and a couple of props. That’s it. That’s all you’re going to see in this season, but trust me you won’t get bored. IMDb has rated this season 5.7/10 (from 104 ratings), but I would rate it a 6.5/10.

Meet Frehan (Prabal Panjabi), who had quite a bit of screentime – probably the most after the hero of the show, Gaurav. While the cast is a considerably talented one, Panjabi seems to have done most justice to his role. Created by Anuvab Pal, I’m sure the show could work slightly more on their humour (some jokes weren’t funny at all)!

While Frehan is the scapegoat of the office, the peon (Abhinav Chaturvedi) is responsible for the odd jobs of the company, and for the procurement off all the items needed to make viral content. While the character of Gaurav tried too hard to be funny, the peon made me laugh more often.

Read Scoops Shravika Going Viral
New recruit Shravika

THE PLOT – New recruit and antagonist Shravika (Aneesha Shah) comes in and creates havoc in the office. She runs off to another country, meets Going Viral’s lead investor, starts dating him, marries him, and soon takes Gaurav chair, leaving Gaurav in a horrible space, both professionally and financially. Aneesha’s performance in this web series is one of the highlights and you will fall in love with her character’s attitude towards the office.

I’d strongly suggest you head over to Amazon Prime, start watching this show, and LMAO, ROFL, ROFLMAO and more with every episode. If you aren’t already convinced, watch the trailer and decide for yourself:

We’re generally used to happy endings, but there wasn’t any happy ending in this show. Or atleast this season of the show. Gaurav, his wife, Frehan and the peon will be back in Season 2 of Going Viral, to fight for their office back. I can’t wait!

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