Emiway Bantai Hits Back at Raftaar with ‘Giraftaar’

The rap battle between Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Eminem was a pretty short one that went song for song, but our Indian rappers seem to be having a strong hit at each other and no one seems to be wanting to stop. In less than the space of a month, we’ve seen not one or two, but three diss tracks coming up from ‘Emiway Bantai’ and ‘Raftaar’.

In less than 5 nights after Raftaar released ‘Sheikh Chilli’, Emiway has managed to come back with a response called ‘Giraftaar’. For those who are not sure of the history of this fight and what songs were released prior to Giraftaar, please check this out. The two have openly announced a rivalry and this may not be the end of it either.

On the night of 31st October, Emiway uploaded his latest video single called Giraftaar, where he has hit back at every statement made by Raftaar in Sheikh Chilli, while also making fresh accusations on the rapper. Many of us here at Read Scoops were in awe after watching the video and if these accusations are true, Raftaar could soon land himself in legal trouble.

Emiway Raftaar

Emiway has made it very clear to the audience that Raftaar is running a fraud scheme of duping young rappers in the industry, using their music, talent and not giving them what’s promised. The 22-year old has been really brave to bring out these accusations (if true) and we’ll have to see how Raftaar responds to this.

Other Indian rappers like Divine and Naezy have also been mentioned through this series of songs. Raftaar mentioned how those two had a movie made on them and that’s what is making Emiway jealous. However, Emiway promises to make a ‘picture’ out of Raftaar. What’s worse is that the video ends with Raftaar being ‘Giraftaar’, which literally means jailed.

He also spoke about the song ‘Sadak’ which was supposed to be released over a year back and has asked Raftaar to answer his fans about where this song is. Emiway has promised to release another song soon and again, he has said it’s not a diss, but a ‘sachaai gaana’, which means it’s a song about the truth.


The video already has over 3 million hits on YouTube in less than 2 days and it’ll be interesting to see whether Raftaar decides to respond to this. If these accusations are false, he will definitely want to get back at Emiway, but if true, he will certainly be worried. Let’s see whether he gets back before Emiway releases another exposing track.

Check out the latest video ‘Giraftaar’:

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