EMIWAY Pays Tribute to EMINEM

Emiway Bantai is back with a new single EMIWAY – TRIBUTE TO EMINEM (OFFICIAL)!

After a heated battle between Emiway and Raftaar and last video BOHT HARD – EMIWAY X THORATT featuring Thoratt, Bantai is back with a new track that depicts how EMINEM has inspired him in college days to become rapper. This track is about his early days when he was in college and preparing for his MBBS entrance, but had more interest in music and used to write songs on the back of empty journals.

Emiway Bantai is back with a tribute song to EMinem

What is so special about this new tribute track is that it includes the very famous verses from his old popular track  “Aur Bantai Kya Bolte Tum”. This track is a whole mix of his early rapping struggle, verses from his first famous track and music close to Eminem’s Lose Yourself track:

Emiway is turning into quite a rap sensation in India now.

Check out all his tracks on his channel: click here.

Credits: Emiway Bantai


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