Emiway X Kraytwinz – ‘Dhyan De’ Trending on YouTube

Mumbai’s famous and badass rapper Emiway Bantai has gone on to drop another rap track called ‘Dhyan De’ which is currently trending at #1 spot on YouTube. His previous release ‘Machayenge’ (We’ll have a blast) was a fun song with beach vibes welcoming all the listeners/viewers to his party island. the song has crossed around 46 million hits on YouTube and still counting !!

In Dhyan De, the music is given by Kraytwinz, mixed brilliantly by Ashwin Seegobin, and mastered by Colin Leonard. Awesome beats, shot in a natural environment area and perfect rap timing are the reasons for this song to grab eyeballs on YouTube. With over 6 million views within just 2 days of release, this track looks promising and will definitely amuse audiences and Emiway’s fans.

This song just goes to show what fame can do to you. Salman Khan in Bollywood is a prime example. All he needs to do is move himself a bit, and voila, new dance steps are created. Similarly, Emiway has hit fame with his recent tiff with fellow rapper Raftaar and now, even mediocre songs are getting millions of viewers.

Emiway Bantai's Dhyan De is #1 trending on YouTube

Dhyan De isn’t the best rap I’ve heard in a while, especially with all the competition cropping up ever since Gully Boy released. It’s not even long enough to keep you entertained, clocked at just 2:34 minutes. While Emiway’s rapping talent is evident, he was failed to keep us captured. The only saving grace is the good music, much like how we saw by Tony James in Machayenge. Regardless, Emiway is a star and Dhyan De is #1 on trending!

Take a look:

Dhyan De Lyrics : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vo6JiWQi8Y&t=62s

With Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy bringing underground and street rappers to the fore, rappers like Emiway Bantai are appreciating in value but there is plenty of competition also set to come up. Regardless, users are sitting tight waiting for new music from Emiway. Also, Dhyan De gathering the best spot on YouTube says everything.

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