Emma Watson Trolled For Error in Tattoo

British actress Emma Watson, famous for her role as Hermione Granger from the popular Harry Potter series, went over to the Oscars 2018 ceremony looking to make a statement with her new tattoo. However, she ended up ridiculing herself and becoming the brunt of a number of jokes across the internet.

She showed up at the 90th Academy Awards with a tattoo on her right forearm that read ‘Times Up’, in support of the Time’s Up Movement. She became the center of attraction at the awards ceremony, but for all the wrong reasons as the actress and UN ambassador forgot an important punctuation in her tattoo – an apostrophe.

Emma Watson

Time’s up would be the short form for ‘Time is up’, as compared to what Emma has inked on her hand. As she walked the red carpet to impress, people were quick to notice this mistake and she was brutally trolled all across social media. She came up with the tattoo in support of the Time’s Up movement, which seeks to end sexual harassment and assault.

However, the actress was quick to respond on social media, claiming the tattoo was ‘fake’. She also joked about the fact that she’s hiring fake tattoo proofreaders, and that experience with apostrophes is a must. Here’s what she posted on her Twitter account shortly later:

However, we at Read Scoops wouldn’t believe that this could be a fake tattoo. Why would she turn up to the Oscars with a temporary tattoo? Also, wasn’t Hermione Granger supposed to be good at spellings? I’m sure she could’ve got her punctuation right, even if it truly was a fake tattoo. Right?

It’ll be interesting to check out Emma’s forearm the next time she’s spotted in public, to know whether it really was a fake tattoo, or it was a botched one. Anyway, a girl as pretty as her can be forgiven for such mistakes. She is, after-all, loved by millions around the globe. Don’t forget to leave your comments!

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