Four More Shots Please – Episode 2 Reveals Plot

Like I said in the review of the pilot episode, Four More Shots Please didn’t have me too engaged, but Episode 2 did much better in this aspect. ‘Strong Girls Don’t Break’ depicts all four of the women and the different hardships they’re facing. Sayani Gupta (Damani) is an Editor-in-Chief but she’s seeing issues with the board. Also, she needs to see a therapist for her OCD issue, which was pointed out by her gynecologist, played by Milind Soman. As the episode progresses, she realizes how serious the issue is, bad enough that she doesn’t even let a man stay the night in her bed.

Bani J (Umang) is a bisexual gym trainer who quit her job, and she seems to be playing a similar role to her real-life character, where she lives by her own rules. No f***ks given. She gets a personal training offer from who we suspect is a celebrity Samara Kapoor, played by none other than the dashing Lisa Ray. However, Umang must be careful as she began by yelling at her when they first met. Not the best first impression, lol.

Four More SHots Please Episode 2 review - 'Strong Girls Don't Break'

Kirti Kulhari (Anjali) faces the problem of her ex husband’s new girlfriend and the two’s growing closeness. She realizes that she hasn’t been with anyone in four years, and the fact that her ex husband is moving on. Also, she hates the new girlfriend, Kavya. Not too tough to imagine that one, yeah?

As for Maanvi Gagroo (Siddhi), simply put, she hates her mother. Her mother just wants her married, and is after her to change her ways so that she could get a good husband. Joining a beginner’s ballet class, CHECK. Going out on a date with a rich Indian businessman settled in Silicon Valley, CHECK. Nothing seems to be doing it for her though.

Much like the world’s most popular sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ had Central Perk, these young women have ‘Truck Bar’, where they meet a little too often for drinks. Be it in the middle of the week, or even the middle of the day. Now that’s great to watch, but not all of us have the budget to go drinking every so often. However, we’re still uncertain what Prateik Babbar’s (Jeh, the bartender) role is in the series!

Overall, the show took some concrete shape in this episode. My guesses? Damini hooks up with her gynecologist, Umang will have an affair with her new trainee, and no real assumptions for the other two as yet. If you want to know more, keep following for updates on Episode 3 of ‘Four More Shots Please’.

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