Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 – Maisie is Back!

Amaya Recap!

English actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers makes a comeback in Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Episode 3 – Dancing Queen. Maisie has been a part of LoT since Season 2, portraying Amaya’s character. Amaya is one of the Totem holders who has the ability to channel the power of animals (living ones or extinct ones) into her. Before joining LoT, Amaya was part of Justice Society of America and was popularly know as Vixen. 

At the end of Season 3, Amaya has to leave the legends and waveriders so that she can pass on her totem to Esi, which she later passes to Kausa and Mari (her daughters) who then become the future Vixen.

Legends Of Tomorrow – Short Recap!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow superhero television series is back with more magic and mysteries in Season 4. The team of superheroes assembled by RIP hunter (time traveler) to save the timeline has grown bigger and better over the last three season. By the end of the season 2, legends break the timeline creating anachronisms throughout time which causes the rise of time demon named Mallus.

Damien Darhk along with her daughter Nora help Mallus escape the prison where he was held captive by five of the six tribes of Zambesi in ancient times. In order to defeat Mallus, legends let him escape the prison but he wasn’t the only demon who escaped the prison, as there were many creatures that escaped along with him, creating magical spikes in timeline.

Season four is all about the magical creatures and demons spread throughout the timeline.

Maisie as Charlie

After fixing all the anachronisms in the timeline and defeating Mallus, legends enjoyed a good vacation which didn’t last long. John Constantine, who made guest appearance in Season 3 and helped the team to know more about Mallus came with a message that the timeline is now exposed to magical monsters. 

Matt Ryan who plays John Constantine has now been announced a series regular for Season 4. With a couple of members missing from the team and John being the master of dark arts, he joins the waverider to defeat the demons spread throughout the timeline and send them back to hell!

In S04E03, legends go back to 1970s in London to track a magical fugitive name Charlie, the leader of punk band that doesn’t exist in the normal timeline. Charlie is a shapeshifter and has the power to manipulate people. She shapeshifted as queen while the band was performing which caused the magical spike to appear on the timeline.

Charlie manipulated Dr. Ray Palmer, got into the ATOM Exosuite and started attacking the legends. Zari utilized her powers to hold Charlie against a wall while Constantine opened the gates of hell, but she couldn’t send her to hell as she shapeshifted into Amaya. Charlie is kept captive on waverider after John cast a magic spell that took away her ability to transform.

With Maisie back on waverider and the show runners confirming that she will play a role in Season 4, we are going to see more from her on the show in coming weeks. Charlie being a manipulative demon, she is totally opposite of Amaya that we have seen in past two seasons and it will be interesting to see how the storyline develops between legends, Charlie and Nick, who is serving a desk job at Time Bureau to get over the relationship between him and Amaya.

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