Raftaar Replies to Emiway’s Diss Track

UPDATE 2nd November: Check out Emiway’s latest reply track – ‘Giraftaar’

Everyone is still hung up on the American rap battle and dissing that has been taking place between Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Eminem. They are both world-class rappers but clearly, Eminem proved that there’s no messing with him. The rap legend released ‘Killshot’ and put MGK to bed. Probably for good.

Emiway Raftaar

Well, our Indian rappers didn’t want to be too far behind, and they decided to get into some dissing of their own (how original, lol). Just like a scene from a Bollywood movie, Indian rappers called Emiway (Shahrukh Shaikh) and Raftaar (Dilin Nair) who were apparently ‘good friends’ have now turned sour enemies due to a little misunderstanding. And of course, they want the whole world to know about their little fight.

To begin with, Emiway hears an interview where Raftaar says the former hasn’t begun earning yet. Clearly, Emiway, who says he’s only 22, proved his immaturity by taking Raftaar’s words out of context and creating a diss track just for him (and a few others like MC Stan and Divine). Have a look at Emiway Bantai’s ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?’:

Raftaar has earned a good name for himself in the last few years and decided he couldn’t take this lying low. He replies to every single statement against him in his own style and the two have clearly indicated they’re ready to go to war. Raftaar begins by how Emiway misinterpreted his interview, but then went on to give appropriate answers as well.

If you ask me, Raftaar has walked away as the clear hero, starting his song ‘Sheikh Chilli’ by saying he’s sad he has to do this, but he continues anyway. He mentions how he invited Emiway home, fed him, gave him a hotel room to stay in and even gave him a studio to record his song in, for FREE. He also mentioned that Emiway will be ‘mute’ after this. Enough said, let’s take a look:

While we’re happy to see this rap battle of our own, there are clearly elements copied out of the MGK-Eminem battle. This became Emiway’s biggest hit with around 8.2 million views since he uploaded the video on 12th October. It didn’t take Raftaar too long to reply, releasing his own track on 26th October, and this has got over 7.7 million views in less than a week already. It’s funny how both end their songs by saying ‘this isn’t a diss song’.

Whose side are you on? Comment and let us know.

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