Sreesanth and Romil go Head to Head in Bigg Boss 12

Yesterday, we spoke about the Assassin or ‘Hitman’ task that was given to the housemates of Bigg Boss 12 in order to play for their luxury budget. Sreesanth and Romil Chaudhary began the task peacefully yesterday but today, things started to get very sour between the two, and between the rest of the house members as well.

Yesterday, 4 people were ordered to be killed as per the task and over 10 lakh was spent towards making these hits. Today, the task was set to continue and the worst part is that the amount accumulated by the winning hitman would be credited to him, but deducted from the eventual winner’s prize money. The housemates scrambled to save themselves from assassination in order to remain in the race for captaincy.

Bigg Boss 12’s Twitter handle posted before the episode began:

The morning began with its regular share of gossiping, bitching and arguments. Housemates were planning and plotting as to who should be assassinated and who should stay in the race for captaincy. Tempers were rising as players were getting emotional and turning back on promises made earlier in the task.

Surbhi Rana lost her temper exceedingly after a discussion with Deepak Thakur. What began as a peaceful talk, soon turned into an ugly fight between the two, with Surbhi yelling and screaming out abuses to Deepak. She was hurt about the fact that she was called ‘selfish’ even though she has given away the chance of being a captain 5-6 times in the past. However, the housemates believe that Deepak was to blame in this altercation.

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Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar then got into a very big fight, right from the kitchen into the bedroom. This was less of fighting and more of noise, and it just didn’t seem to end. Shivashish was in support of Sreesanth, but Dipika was set to take them both on. She said that she stood for Sreesanth all the while during this season.

It was switch on and switch off during the episode as tempers went in and out. Suddenly, as the hitmen started getting ready for the second day of the task, another fight began between Surbhi and Deepak in the bedroom. Here, there was a lot of ‘beeping’ (censoring) on television so you can imagine how bad it was getting. Sreesanth tried to get in between the two and cool it down, but was unsuccessful. Surbhi also confirmed that she won’t play the task and also won’t let it be played right either.

Surbhi was the first to be assassinated by Sreesanth, while Romil executed the player, Karanvir Bohra, for a price of 2 lakh. Now it was time for the two hitmen to get into a fight and they needed someone to come in between them to stop it. The buzzer rang and there was no one killed by the hitmen, so Bigg Boss had to intervene and ask them to do so immediately. Bigg Boss proved Sreesanth right and he got to do as he pleased – kill Deepak!

Romil was declared winner as he had a bigger amount than Sreesanth, while Shivashish was the only one not to be killed in the task. Tus, both have become captaincy contenders.

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