Sreesanth Breaks Down in Bigg Boss 12 House

Well, Indian television is never short of entertainment. Like Vidya Balan said in The Dirty Picture, cinema runs because of three factors – “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment.” And in India, when you talk about entertainment, you can’t forget the reality TV show, Bigg Boss, which has been the highest TRP generating show since many years now.

The history of this show tells us that it’s not the smartest or the most cunning person who wins, but the one who provides the maximum entertainment. In today’s (13th November) episode, Sreesanth and Romil Chaudhary turned into assassins as a part of the week’s luxury budget task, providing enough of fun to the viewers.

Sreesanth assassin task in Bigg Boss 12

A vault of different coins had different values and the housemates had to pick up a coin and give it to a hitman (Sreesanth or Chaudhary) to terminate one housemate whenever the house becomes darker. The assassin with the highest amount would eliminate the contestant. At the end of the task, the assassins with the highest amount collected will automatically be nominated for captaincy. However, this amount paid will be subtracted from the show’s prize money. Twist and turns always in the Bigg Boss 12 house, lol.

The show began with Megha Dhade and Deepak Thakur getting into a fight because the latter accused the former of defending Sreesanth and helping him during his punishment. Sreesanth was busy washing utensils and felt insulted with his punishment when he had an outburst and said that he wants to leave the house.

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He was later called into the confession room and asked to calm down where he broke down in tears (Remembering the slap gate incident with Harbhajan Singh? Just. Kidding.). Karanvir and Sreesanth then had a talk to try and sort out the difference and in a few minutes, the assassin task began.

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The first person who was ordered to be killed was Jasleen and Romil was paid 75,000 for this hit. Dipika was killed for 4.4 lakh, Megha for 3.9 lakh and Rohit for 3.6 lakh, so that’s already a huge amount out of the winner’s prize money. However, the task ended for the day and will continue deducting money and killing people tomorrow.

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