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When you think quality, you’ll always choose an aged and trusted brand rather than a new brand. Whichever part of the world you may be reading this from, you definitely know about the Levi Strauss & Co. brand, and why not? They’ve been active since 1853 and we can rightly say that they’ve been a global leader since over a century.

Not many can beat Levi’s when it comes to quality and these guys are known in almost every country in the world. The clothing brand has made such a name for itself that now, whenever you think of jeans, Levi’s has to be the first name to pop up. While they do sell other clothing items and accessories, jeans have made them what they are today.

If you are one of those 1% people who don’t know about Levi’s, head over to their website right away and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Headquartered in California, USA, their website ships products worldwide and their collection is one that you probably won’t find on any other website across the internet.


Designed for the sneaker life and inspired by streetwear, they have now also launched their Levi’s Tapered Jeans collection. From 501s to 502s and 512s, you’ll get them all, in every size and in every colour, as per your needs and requirements. You can shop by gender, by latest arrivals and also shop by fit.


Well, this part of the article is what attracts everyone the most, isn’t it? If we have to be honest with you, Levi’s jeans were never in the ‘inexpensive’ category. They are priced slightly on the higher side but wear them and you’ll realize why. All of us at the Read Scoops team own atleast a pair or two. Hell, I’m wearing one as I type this at work at the moment.


They offer a few discounts on their wide range. Everyone’s going green these days, and so is Levi’s. Go digital. Save paper. Make an online payment on your jeans. Use Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking to make your payment and Levi’s will apply a 10% discount on your final billed amount.

First time user?

This offer will make you even happier. If you haven’t shopped on Levi’s in the past, here’s your chance to save some more money on anything you buy from them – jeans, shirts, polos, jackets, shorts, pants, shoes or accessories. Sign up to Levi’s and immediately get a 20% off coupon for your first order in your mailbox.

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