Priti Singhvi on Paparazzi Closet’s New Mumbai Studio

Read Scoops is dedicated to always bringing to you quality offerings from around the world. And when we talk about quality, we couldn’t miss out on mentioning Paparazzi Closet, a fast-growing brand that you should get to know more about. With importing, customizing and manufacturing, Paparazzi Closet is a one-stop shop for women’s clothing and accessories; basically a paradise for every woman who loves to wear the best.

The company excels in making every woman feel different and pretty in her own way, with a vast range of outfits to choose from. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company ships across the world and is different due to their product collection and ‘hatke’ range of fashion options for their customers and audiences. Today, we’re talking about Paparazzi Closet as the brand is all set to launch their new line of clothing as well as their first ever physical store, after running an e-commerce business since the last four years. Keep reading for more…

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Read Scoops had an exclusive chat with Miss Priti Singhvi, Proprietor of Paparazzi Closet, to get some more information about her brand, which has varieties from tops to dresses to gowns, excelling in making unique clothing for their customers. We began by asking her to give our viewers a little more information about her company.

She replied, saying, “Paparazzi Closet specializes mainly in gowns and dresses. We have nearly 2,000 products to choose from on our website and every week, we come up with nearly 200 products as a fresh launch. Our USP is that we can make any dress in any size and color, from changing the fabric to changing the way our customer wants to looks. We do everything the way it’s desired!!”

“Paparazzi Closet kicked off about 4 years ago, and we have been putting in a lot of work since the start. There’s a lot in operation at the moment too. We’ve currently gone live on many online marketplaces such as Snapdeal, Amazon, Flipkart, Vooblr, Limeroad, and many more,” she added about the start of the company and how they have grown ever since.

Priti Singhvi, Proprietor, Paparazzi Closet

Like we mentioned earlier, the company ships worldwide and they have multiple currency options you can choose from on their website. The new line of clothing is set to be one of their most exciting ones yet, and the Met Gala themed line is all set to be available now, both on their website as well as their first ever studio, which opens in Charni Road, Mumbai, on 3rd of August 2018. They’ve shifted into this studio to allow people to enjoy their new designs first-hand.

For boyfriends and husbands looking to gift your partners something they will enjoy, Paparazzi Closet is where you would want to be. You can thank them later as your partner’s love for you will just multiply. However, there’s good news for the men as well, as the brand is planning on launching a men’s collection by next season, to go with kids wear. There have been a lot of public requests for the launch of ethnic wear as well. So, stay tuned.

Check out this latest collection of women’s sweatpants:

Also don’t miss this stunning fringe dress:

When we at Read Scoops first saw these collections, we were all gaga over them. Then, we decided to share them with you, our viewers as well. For all you users who like what you see at Paparazzi Closet, go ahead and use the coupon code “READ10” for an exclusive 10% discount across all sections on the website. For those in Mumbai, go ahead and visit them at their store in Charni Road too. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

We had a one-on-one with Priti, to know how she feels about the launch of her new line and new studio in Mumbai. She said, “I’m actually lost for words. I’m super excited. It’s a big step for me and my brand. It may not be the biggest but it’s a studio where customer can walk in free and try the garments and that’s what makes the difference to me. We’ve got so much love from our customers whereby they wanted to come and see us too. This studio is all for them.”

“This has only been made possible because of my team. A lot of credit goes to Khushboo (accounts manager), Dhruvesh (friend), and my family. They’ve been positive and encouraged me to open this studio. I’m glad to get a team like this and trust me, I’m super happy to come with this studio. Hopefully in the future, we might open up a boutique as well, you never know,” she said on a parting note.

Have a look at a few more of their products:

From everyone at Read Scoops, I would like to congratulate Priti Singhvi on her new line of clothing and new studio in Mumbai, while also wishing her the best of luck for her venture. For you viewers, keep watching this space for a coverage of Paparazzi Closet’s grand opening on 3rd of August. Also, don’t forget to use the code “READ10” for an exclusive 10% discount.

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