10 Small, Subtle Tattoo Ideas That May Interest You!

FUN STAT: While we mostly associate men with body tattoos, it’s actually women who constitute a majority of the tattooed population around the globe.

It’s becoming a trend now. Everyone wants to get piercings; everyone wants to get inked; everyone wants to show something off on their bodies. Talking about tattoos, people often want them but don’t know what to get. So, we at Read Scoops are here to show you a few tattoo ideas that are neat and would be perfect for most individuals. Moreover, we want to show you some tattoo ideas that even your parents won’t mind approving 😛

Especially for those getting inked for the first time, look out for a small, neat tattoo. A one that stands out, but isn’t too loud either. Look for something that fits in perfectly, and that doesn’t crowd up any particular part of your body. Ask your tattoo artist as he/she will know exactly where a particular tattoo idea would look best on you.

Here’s our top ten tattoo ideas that would go well on both men and women:

10. Ankle Lettering

Ankle Lettering Tattoo
Ankle Lettering Tattoo

9. Finger Lettering

Finger Script Tattoo

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8. Love Birds

These are neat tattoos meant for him and her. The love birds go well on most parts of the body like wrists, ankles, below the collar bone, etc.

Love Birds Tattoo
Love Birds Tattoo

7. Single Letter

Single Letter Tattoo
Single Letter Tattoo

6. Tattoos On Both Hands/Legs

These don’t have to be the same tattoo. Similar tattoos of the same proportions will have an equal effect.

Tattoos on both hands or legs
Tattoos on both hands or legs

5. Neck Lettering

Neck Lettering
Neck Lettering Tattoo

4. Arm Bands

Arm Band Tattoo

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3. Heart Rate

Heart Rate Tattoo
Heart Rate Tattoo

2. Music Note

Goes well anywhere.

Music Note Tattoo
Music Note Tattoo

1. Roman Lettering

Very popular, very neat.

Roman Numerals Tattoo
Roman Numerals Tattoo

Reminder: People often have the misconception that going high to get inked will help. Remember, alcohol and other such substances like pain killers are blood thinners which will cause excessive blood flow and obstruct the tattoo artist while he/she is at work. Always go in sober for a tattoo!

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