Exotic Cocktails You Could Enjoy With Blue Curaçao

Blue Curaçao is basically a liqueur that could be used as a shooter, and also in making striking cocktails, perfect to go with a hot summer’s day.  It’s citrus like taste appeals to drinkers, and the cyan bluish colour also adds to the visual appeal of Blue Curaçao cocktails.

We at Read Scoops are here to publish our first Leisure Scoop, showing you a few cocktails that you could prepare if you had a bottle (or two) of Blue Curaçao lying around at home. All you need is a shaker, some ice, a stirrer, a couple of good cocktail glasses, juices, and a lot of alcohol. Here’s some of the drinks we would recommend:

Blue Lagoon

To start with, take a highball glass and fill in with a few (4-5) ice cubes. Pour in 25ml of Blue Curaçao, followed by 50ml of your choice of a vodka. Remember to measure well and then top up the glass with lime juice or lemonade. Take out your stirrer, stir well, garnish the glass with a slice of orange (you could even throw a cherry in) and your Blue Lagoon is ready!

Blue Margarita
Blue Margarita

Blue Margarita

Fill your cocktail shaker halfway through with ice and add the following ingredients rightly – 120ml of your choice of tequila, 60ml Blue Curaçao, 60 ml triple sec, 60ml freshly squeezed lime juice and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Shake well for 30-40 seconds and your drink is almost ready. Strain the Blue Margarita into margarita glasses (2 servings) and add salt tot he rims of your glasses. Enjoy!

Midnight Kiss

Our favourite; and it’s pretty easy to make, to be honest!

First, prepare your champagne flute with sugar on the rims and then add in your alcohol. First, pour in 20-25ml of vodka and then 170-180ml of champagne. Top the glass with Blue Curaçao (10-15ml) and you’re good to serve your Midnight Kiss. Mind you, a couple of glasses of this drink could get you tipsy, lol.

Keep an eye our for more such Leisure Scoops. You can get yourself some Blue Curaçao too – BUY NOW!

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