Play at The Top Online Poker Rooms in India

There’s this mind game called POKER which has been taking over the country by storm. Although it has been famous in the western world for decades, poker has always been considered as a card game in India which could be known as ‘gambling’ or something considered a taboo in the country.

However, the Indian Supreme Court has officially ruled poker to be a game of skill and companies in India are also pushing it as a sport, with many tournaments and leagues being held. Today, we’re going to list down some of the top poker companies in India, where you can play for FREE as well as deposit and play for real money, if you think you have it in you. And yes, this is all 100% LEGAL. All of the websites listed below offer instant play online, as well as smartphone and desktop apps. 

Take a look at some of the top online poker rooms in India: 

  • The Spartan Poker – They call this one the King. The biggest poker company in India. If you want the biggest and best in online poker tournaments, look no further. Some of the best players in the country play on this platform, so don’t think it’s going to be an easy place to make a quick buck. They host the biggest online tournaments in the country, where everyone can win huge amounts of money.


  • Baadshah Gaming – Relatively new to the online poker world, this company gives you the chance to make money more easily. You may not find the biggest tournaments here, but you will find fewer players, or the players who aren’t experts. They are called ‘fishes’ in the world of poker. This company has great promotions and deposit offers, giving you brilliant value for your money. 


  • FTRPoker – It is believed that this poker company is on the same network as Spartan, with a very similar layout and software used in their app. We can thus take it for granted that they are high in quality and equally trusted as Spartan. Again, find the best deposit bonuses and promotions here. 


  • RealPoker – Again, relatively new to the poker world, but they seem to have come out with a big budget. They have the best sign-up bonus in the market, offering Rs.1,000 FREE to every new registration, so that’s enough to make you want to register. Register now, and turn your 1,000 into 10,000+.  

Real Poker India

  • PokerLion – These guys are paired with the international MPN (Microgaming Poker Network) poker network and have a completely different interface as most of the others in the market. Register with them right away and you will get Rs.200 FREE, to go with satellite tournament tickets towards their weekly tournament, which guarantees a prize of Rs.1 lakh every Sunday! So why miss this opportunity? Sign-up here.


All of these brands have their own individual deposit bonuses and bonuses on sign-ups as well, while they all have different methods to reward their players. They all also have unique referral systems, where you can be rewarded a certain percentage on revenue generated from every player your refer to these online poker rooms. 

Remember, we will also keep updating this page each time we get another poker affiliate on board. Yes, we are affiliated to all the websites listed above and would highly appreciate sign-ups through our affiliate links. So, start playing and don’t forget to leave your comments. Feel free to fire away any questions and keep watching this space for similar offers and gaming opportunities from around the country.

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