Gay Dating App ‘Blued’ Launches in India

Homosexuality is something that hasn’t been around since a year or two, but has been around since the start of time. In India, however, it was considered illegal to love or have sex with or marry a person of the same gender, until very recently, when Section 377 was scrapped in September this year, deeming gay sex as not unnatural.

Happy times for India, where a gay man could finally walk out in the open without being criticized or without the fear of doing something ‘illegal’. With the country progressing, the world’s largest gay social network app called ‘Blued’ also decided to cash in, launching a campaign in India, not too long after the Section 377 verdict.

Blued launches LGBTQI campaign in India
The gay dating app was launched way back in 2012 and is available both on Android and iOS platforms. The free-to-use app now has a database of 40+ million users using the service, with a vast majority of its users still coming from its country of origin, China. “ONE WORLD. ONE GAY. SOCIAL APP.” is the message displayed when you visit the Blued website.

The app launched its first ever campaign in India and named it #Whatsnext377. The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness and strengthen the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) community and its rights in this country. To help spread the world, the company published a YouTube video and had many social media influencers back their campaign as well.

The video titled ‘Legally Yours’ stars many Indian celebrities who are part of the LGBTQI community, including singer and actor Sushant Divgikar, transgender model Mona Varonica Campbell, hair stylist and make-up artist Elton J Fernandez and scientist and model Samarpan Maiti.

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They speak about how members of the LGBTQ community should have the same rights as normal people, including the right to saying whatever they wish, wearing whatever clothes they want to, or even having a same-gender partner. The video speaks about how these stars journeyed through life’s problems to reach where they are today.

Sanyam Sharma, Blued India MD, commented on the campaign, saying, “Sexuality is not a choice; it’s natural and emotional feeling similar to any heterosexual couple. Every Indian citizen is free to enjoy mutual sexual intercourse without being held against any legal charges. The real issues of homosexual community are being mocked upon at workplace, getting jobs, acceptance by parents and society and getting verbally and physically abused by other people. Highlighting to give them the right to live freely and independently, we created #Whatsnext377 campaign.”

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