“I LOVE YOU” – A Mathematical Expression?

We’re building up towards Valentine’s Day and very often you will find the word ‘Love’ all over the internet during this week. However, have you ever thought about it deeply? What is love really? Our emotions and feelings? Or a calculative, mathematical expression? Let’s take a deeper look:

When you are going to college, ‘he/she’ is your junior. Travelling in a bus, ‘he/she’ is sitting in the seat opposite you. At work, ‘he/she’ is your colleague. I am not at all saying that the ‘he/she’ is the same person in all these three different cases!

The pronouns ‘He‘ or ‘She‘ has always remained the same in each one’s life. But, the names (person) behind these pronouns are changing from time to time. Many come to know this universal fact either from their own personal experiences or by learning from their friends and family!

Let me tell you something about this feeling called I LOVE YOU. Nowadays, this has become more of a mathematical expression than one’s emotions or feelings. Decoding this equation further, ‘I LOVE’ always remains a constant where as ‘YOU’ happens to be a variable in our lives!

In these recent times of rapidly changing lifestyles and social networking influenced habits, most of us are slowly but clearly getting influenced by habits and lifestyle of others who are very far away from our localities. Does anyone really understand the meaning of love these days?

The slow migration from traditional culture to western lifestyle is clearly having an impact on everyone. Love, is a feeling that cannot be expressed verbally. One has to feel it. One can never get its actual meaning just by listening to others experiences. One has to be a part of it to experience it. Try saying it less and feeling it more. The next time you say ‘I love you’ to someone, take a minute to think and ask yourself whether you truly love that ‘he’ or ‘she’.

It doesn’t matter who you love. It may be your mother, father, sibling, friend, partner or even your pets. Whoever it may be, just do it honestly without any wrong motives. It is certainly the best feeling in the world. It is unconditional and certainly makes you feel good within, but only if the intentions are right.

This article is dedicated to everyone who is doing it the right way rather than in the ‘mathematical’ way. Don’t forget to drop in your comments if you think you understand the words ‘I love you’ better than us. Cheers!

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