Top 10 2018 New Year Resolution Ideas

It’s 2018 and most of us will do what we do every year – make resolutions and break them within a few days. We at Read Scoops decided to bring to you a list of 10 resolution ideas which are simple, easier to keep and those which will make a very positive change to your lifestyle. Have a look:

1) Do a good deed daily

There’s nothing better than the happiness involved in helping someone or doing a good deed daily. Doing a good deed could start from very small things like helping your brother do his homework to helping your mother with household chores.

Do a good deed

Every religion teaches us to do good deeds and indeed, we must. It gives us satisfaction, can help increase one’s self confidence, releases anxiety and has plenty more health benefits. Remember, doing good deeds help brighten a dark world!

2) Eat healthy

Sure, junk food tastes way better, but do you want to harm your body in the long run because of uncontrollable taste buds? Anyone will tell you that the first thing you need to do in order to live a healthy life is to eat better, more nutritious food.

eat healthy

Combined with exercising, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Walk into 2018 promising your body that you will treat it better, and you will feel the difference within a couple of weeks.

3) Exercise

No one’s asking you to do a hardcore gym session everyday. Just a little bit of daily physical activity will do the trick. If I go to list down the benefits of a daily workout, I’ll spend waaaaaay too long on this blog, but I hope you get my point. Daily physical activity is a must!


Everyday you will find new scientific reports on how exercise helps the human body. The main reasons toe exercise is that it helps the blood flow in your body, increases your immunity to sickness and diseases, improves breathing, sex life, sleep, mood, memory, and much more. If not your local gym, atleast start working out at home.

4) Find love

Sure, it’s easier said than done but humans beings are wired for love. Even if you’ve had countless bad experiences, there’s always that one person out there waiting for you, who will be a constant support in your life. Never stop looking for love!

Find Love

If love has broken your heart in the past, then it’s only love that will heal that heart again. If you haven’t experienced love as yet, then what are you waiting for? Let 2018 be your year. Overall, love your family. While looking for a romantic love is important, never forget those who will always be by your side – family!

5) Smile


There’s no better cure for a bad mood than a nice, long smile. When we feel great, we smile naturally. Similarly, a smile can help us naturally feel better.


If you don’t know how to smile, spend some time with family or friends who make you happy, you will see the smile turn up on its own. Smiling and laughing are known to have a lot of health benefits as well. So turn that frown upside down and keep smiling. Remember Bob Marley’s words always – “Don’t worry. Be happy.” 

6) Pray daily

I’m sure there may be many of you who won’t agree with this new year resolution. Many who believe in scientific facts that say there is no Creator. Many who don’t have the time of the day for prayer. Why not make a little bit of time each day and see if it helps?


Don’t give your God a name. Just make time each day to talk to the greater force (every time doesn’t have to be only when you want something :P). Praying betters our relationship with God and helps us overcome temptation, making us think a few times before doing something wrong, knowing that someone is watching our actions.

7) Stop smoking

There is nothing good about smoking. It’s not cool. It doesn’t help your mind relax. It doesn’t help you de-stress. Do you even like smoking? No? Then why smoke at all?

There is clearly nothing good than can come out of smoking, so just stop.

Smoking Read Scoops

‘Smoking causes cancer’,‘Smoking is injurious to health’. Even the companies that sell cigarettes advertise the health hazards of smoking. Jot down the amount of money you spend on cigarettes every month and see what other constructive things you could’ve done with that money. READ – ‘10 bad habits you must quit right away‘.

8) Work hard

Ever wonder why you aren’t seeing success in life even though you work hard everyday? Don’t worry. My advice to you is to keep grinding because success always comes to those who work hard. Never give up. Hard work has no substitute. You will be rewarded one day.

work hard

No job is beneath you. Whether it means working at a petrol pump or an ice cream parlour or anything considered as a job looked down on. Stay ahead of the game always and keep working hard. It’s a very competitive world and those who slack will not reach very far.

9) Have more fun

Ultimately, we’re not on this earth just to work hard, pay bills and eventually die. While we’re here, let’s make our journey more enjoyable. While I repeat that working hard is still extremely important, don’t forget what we learnt in our childhood – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’


So yes, every once in a way, do something that will be a real stress reliever. Play some sports, go for a movie, treat yourself to a fancy dinner or those new shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while. Let go, every once in a way. Have fun. YOLO.

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