‘Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grader?’ Quiz

Do you remember what you’ve learnt when you were at school? How far back do you remember? Is your database of knowledge better than the average ninth grade student? Why not take our ‘Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grader?’ quiz and see how well you do?

I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if a young 9th grader is smarter than you, so get ready and test your knowledge. The quiz has a total of 20 questions (all from a 9th grader’s text book), and each question has multiple options to choose your answer from.

Be careful as some questions could get you more points than others:

  • 15 questions x 1 point = 15 points
  • 5 questions x 2 points = 10 points
  • Total = 25 points.

Are You Smarter Than a 9th Grader?

All the best!

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