BREAKING: Catalan Is No Longer a Part of Spain

BREAKING NEWS – The Catalan parliament has decided to declare its independence from Spain, creating a separate and independent republic of Catalan.

Going against the Spanish government, the parliament of Catalan, a community in northeastern Spain), has declared its independence from Spain, voting to establish a separate and independent sovereign state. However, Spain is expected to sack Catalan’s President and impose direct rule today itself.

Thousands of pro-independence people gathered outside Catalan’s parliament office today (27th October 2017) afternoon as the voting was taking place. The result? Catalan MPs voted in favour of independence, winning by a margin of 70 votes to 10.

Opponents of the independence are pointing fingers at the President Carles Puigdemont for apparently ‘ignoring the views of those citizens who still wish to be a part of Spain’. However, the crowds gathered outside the parliament were rejoicing when independence was announced, celebrating and singing Els Segadors, Catalan’s anthem.

Catalan Independence

The Catalonia region is an extremely beautiful one, known for it’s lovely beach resorts of Costa Brava. Barcelona is the capital of this region and this famous city is also set to no longer be a part of Spain. However, Spain’s Prime Minister has demanded the imposition of direct rule.

FC Barcelona, one of the world’s best football clubs, is a Spanish club playing in the La Liga. However, the Catalan Federation has ensured that the participation of FC Barcelona in the Spanish league will continue, even if Catalan is to become a separate union.

However, football is just one small part of the debate at the moment. What’s left to see is whether or not direct rule will be imposed. The PM has ensured that the rule of law will be applied. Direct rule implies that Madrid, who has been the authority to govern Catalan, has the power to seize the region’s autonomous powers!

Keep watching this space for updates on the Catalan independence story!

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