Shocking Incident at Bandra’s Linking Road

Living in a populous and fast-paced city like Mumbai, we often end up hearing some really out-of-the-way stories and incidents, which we really can’t comprehend. Although this happens frequently, we are stunned each time. The question is, how do we end such behaviour in Mumbai and in the country? Best city in India and yet, frightening occurrences happen every once in a while.

What we’re talking about is a recent brawl that took place on Bandra’s busiest street called Linking Road. Like we all know, the city never sleeps and operations were on as usual at a couple of hangouts at this location. One such place was The Elbo Room, which had quite a few rowdy customers lurking around during the early hours of 24th January 2019.

Inebriated, a couple of these customers were urinating on the premises which prompted a shop owner to question them. ‘London Bubble Co’ (LBC) was the shop in question, Mr. Ranveer Katiyal being the owner. Being a food and desserts shop, the urine would pass through the same passage which would lead to a disturbance in the kitchen, so Katiyal asked them to stop.

Street fight at Linking Road, Bandra

What followed was an utter and complete act of inhumanity, wherein the intoxicated customers started mercilessly slapping, hitting, kicking, punching and banging the owner’s head on a nearby shop shutter. A few more Elbo Room customers (possibly friends) heard the commotion and shamelessly, joined the action. Clearly outnumbered, there was not much the LBC owner could do at that point except for yelling for help. They slapped him several times and even hit him a few times with a bamboo lying nearby, which had nails protruding from them.

At the time of the assault, Katiyal managed to alert his father, Mr. Mahesh Katiyal, who was also present at the store, as well as 2-3 workers at LBC. The men, who were already engaged in hurting the son, then also began an assault on the father. This entire incident took place at around 2am and it’s horrible to see how these men kept hammering the father and son duo, while also hurling them abuses in Hindi.

Elbo Room, Khar

Someone close to the victim got in touch with him a few days later. He said, “My father kept making attempts at saving me but he was being attacked by the bamboo as well. His gold chain and rings were even snatched while my mobile was broken. I shouted my lungs out to save myself and my dad, and luckily there was a policeman nearby who was able to stop this torture eventually. I was very unconscious and feeble, and managed to head straight to Bhabha Hospital after this insanity ended.”

As per reports, the owner of The Elbo Room had promised a sum of compensation to the London Bubble Co. owners. However, there was a turn of events the following day which saw the Elbo Room owner getting further abusive and agitated. What happens next is yet to be decided, but events of such harsh cruelty should just not be allowed in our country. Whoever is at fault here must be punished, to set an example for such miscreants who are all over the place these days.

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