Australia Caught Ball Tampering; Choose Your Punishment

In the ongoing third test match between South Africa and Australia, the visitors have found themselves right in the middle of a controversy. A very shameful one too. The Aussies were always known to be guys who would do anything to win a game of cricket, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they would stoop to such low levels.

Australian coach Darren Lehmann, captain Steve Smith, and newbie Cameron Bancroft were caught tampering the ball in the 3rd test against South Africa. Not sure how they thought they would get away with such an act, given the fact that a hundred cameras cover the action at the stadiums.

Bancroft and Smith spoke at the press conference after the day’s play and they confessed their crimes. They seemed apologetic, but saying sorry shouldn’t be the end of this as ball tampering is cheating, and is as good as match fixing or spot fixing. For now, both captain and vice-captains have stepped down but the investigation is underway.

Have a look at what happened:

Smith at a press conference:

Here’s what Cameron Bancroft said at the conference:

“We had a discussion during the break and on myself I took an opportunity to use some tape, get some granules from the rough patches on the wicket and try to change the ball condition. It did not work. The umpires did not change the ball but once I was cited on the screens I panicked quite a lot and that resulted in me shoving it down my long trousers.”

Now, let the viewers have their say. We’re hearing that the players involved will earn demerit points and will get fined a certain amount of their match fee. Will that be enough? Shouldn’t the coach be sacked and the players earn a certain period of suspension for such an outrageous incident? I surely believe they shouldn’t be too lenient with ‘cheats’. Comment and have your say.

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