ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 Final – India Women vs England Women LIVE Commentary & Updates

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Player of the Match – Anya Shrubsole

Player of the Tournament – Tammy Beaumont

So near, yet so far for India.

Millions of fans in India will sleep heartbroken today as it was a spirited effort from the Indian women – not just today but over the last one month. Sadly, it couldn’t end happily. Nonetheless, we saw a great game of cricket at the Home of Cricket – Lord’s.

Must say, it wouldn’t have been possible if not for Anya Shrubsole, who changed the game in the last few overs – 6/46 in such a big game is highly commendable.

It was a shameful end for the Indian team, who slipped from 191/3 to 219 all out. It was their game to lose and indeed, they lost it. 3-4 overs back, it was India all the way but it’s the England team that has ended victorious and that’s the only thing that counts.

48.4 – OUT! England claim their fourth World Cup title!

After Gunn put down a dolly, Shrubsole runs in hard and bowls the last batter. Rajeshwari Gayakwad bowled by Anya Shrubsole – 0(1).

48.2 – Jenny Gunn just drops a sitter.

48.1OUT! Fifer for Anya Shrubsole. And a well deserved one too. She gets the big wicket of Deepti Sharma – 14(12)!

India just losing composure here. The youngster Deepti seems to be the only one with her head on her shoulders at the moment. Poonam Yadav almost runs herself out as well.

47.3 – While the young Deepti is playing well, the others are playing silly cricket. Shikha Pandey run out. Attempts a needless run and what she does is just suicidal. Shikha Pandey run out by Anya Shrubsole – 4(8).

And of course, a WIDE Ball helps.

First ball single and Deepti regains strike. Also, India are ahead by 3 runs on the D/L par score. Rain around the corner.

47 overs – It’s literally getting nail biting now. The match is swinging both ways every few minutes. High intensity cricket being played by these women. India need 14 runs in 18 balls.

Third umpire called for here. Wide ball called and Deepti seemed to have lost balance. However, the signal on the big screen is what mattered the most. NOT OUT.

India fans still hopeful:

46 overs – 7 runs from the over. A good one for India. They need 21 runs from 24 balls now.

Deepti starts the 46th over with a FOUR but Sanjay Manjrekar says this isn’t a game of runs anymore. It’s a game of wickets. And nerves, might I add.

Just thought that Jhulan would take India home, especially after that lovely performance with the ball today. However, it wasn’t to be. OUT! She gets bowled by a brilliant delivery from Shrubsole, who picks up her 4th wicket. Jhulan Goswami bowled by Anya Shrubsole – 0(1).

Aliexpress INT

The procession (fall of wickets) continues here 🙁 

44.5 – Veda Krishnamurthy throws it away. OUT! Goes for another wild slog but this time she isn’t as lucky as she’s been in this daredevil innings so far. Nat Sciver takes the catch easily as India slump to 200/6 and it may all be over for them now. Veda Krishnamurthy dismissed by Anya Shrubsole – 35(34).

200 up for India. 29 needed from 33 balls.

Deepti Sharma walks in and almost gets herself run out. The next ball, Veda survives after hitting the ball up in the air. Lands safe. The Indian batters need to take some time out and regain composure here.

OUT! Sushma Verma is clean bowled for a duck. This is why Veda starting the last couple of overs with boundaries was good as a fall of wickets is certainly possible at the other end. The nerves are clearly showing her. England could capitalize now!

43.1 – Veda starts another over with a boundary. FOUR.

Punam was dismissed for the same score that she made against England in their first game of this World Cup. in a way, it’s good she didn’t review that call as it looked plumb to the naked eye. Good over for England but those two boundaries from Veda at the start helped them. 191/4 in 43 overs.

42.5 – Punam is struck right in front of her stumps and is given OUT LBW. A little bit of confusion there in the middle as Punam wanted to review that but the umpire seems to have refused her DRS request, as her 15 seconds had passed. Punam Raut dismissed LBW by Anya Shrubsole – 86(115).

42.2 – Better shot, much better. Goes down the ground over mid off and it goes for FOUR more.

42.1 – Wild swing from Veda but it goes down to third man for a FOUR. Welcome boundary.

Indian batters unable to hold their nerves here – dot balls and nervy strokes. “Tension is rising”, they say on air. India 182/3 in 42 overs. Remember, England have been in this situation (World Cup finals) quite a few times in the past; way more experienced in such stages.

41 overs – A couple of shaky shots and a couple of skiers as well. India need 51 in 54 now. We’re down to the business end.

40 overs – Punam recovers from cramps and India get 7 from this over – 173/3. they scored 53 runs in the period between overs 31-40. They now need 56 from the last 10 overs. What are your thoughts?

Punam down on the ground, suffering with cramps.

Okay, good news. She’s back up.

Second ball of the 38th over and the captain Heather Knight has dropped an easy catch. It went straight in and straight out when she landed hard on the floor. India 165/3 after 38 overs.

37 overs – India 161/3. Punam batting on 73* while Veda has moved to 12*. Required rate: 5.23.

35.5 – Skipped down and pumped through the covers for FOUR. Veda has been playing an attacking innings ever since she’s walked out to the crease. This is why she has been promoted up the order. This is the time for the Indian batters to grab the advantage once again. It’s five overs of the powerplay.

Aliexpress INT

35 overs – A good over for India thanks to a lovely shot over the bowlers head for FOUR by Krishnamurthy. However, a stumping chance was also missed by the quick Sarah Taylor (surprising). India need 84 in 90 balls but the pressure is showing in the batters.

Good show by Punam but she still has a lot to do:

The shot was well timed but it went straight to the fielder. What a twist in this game. A 95-run stand comes to an end as Veda Krishnamurthy walks in with India still needing 91 runs to win. India – 138/3 after 34 overs. Required rate – 5.69.

OUT! Huge, huge wicket for England here as HK perishes after completing her fifty. Third ball of the 34th over and Harman tries to take on Hartley, only to get caught on the boundary. Harmanpreet Kaur dismissed by Alex Hartley – 51(80).

32.5 – A single to fine leg and now it’s FIFTY for Harmanpreet Kaur as well. Both these batters are set and the partnership has reached 93 as well. Deepti Sharma sits waiting to come in next but these two seem to be doing it well. Keep going, girls.

Punam Raut gets to fifty, HK very close to her fifty as well. These two have built a partnership of 84 so it shouldn’t be too tough for India to win their first ever women’s World Cup title from her. Also remember that the batting powerplay is still available.

29.6 – She takes a single and it’s FIFTY for Punam Raut. she’s looked good since the start of her innings and has completed her fifty in 75 balls. She’s had 2 fours and a six in this innings but there’s still some work to be done by her. 51 runs for India in the 21st-30th over period. The Women in Blue firmly in control of this game. 120/2.

Well in the balance but I must say India seem to be favourites at this stage, given that they have 8 wickets in hand. Aakash Chopra has summed up HK’s innings today vs her innings against Australia perfectly:

Good over from Anya Shrubsole after being brought in for her second spell of the day. Just two singles from the over and this game seems to be perfectly in the balance after 28 overs – 108/2. HK 40*, Punam 46*.

26.5 – Harmanpreet pulls a slow and short delivery from Nat Sciver. Goes for FOUR. Everyone was getting worried with HK’s slow start but she seems to have settled in nicely now. Both batters striking in their sixties but they may have to up that a bit as the game goes on.

The captain Heather Knight comes into the attack. Will India attack her? These two complete their 50-run partnership on the first ball of the 26th over. Fifth ball of the over is called a No Ball for height but India can’t capitalize on the free hit..

7 runs off that 26th over – India 99/2.

Aliexpress INT

25 overs – 92/2. Four singles and a loud LBW appeal from that over. Good England didn’t decide to review that as it was missing the leg stump.

23.5 – Harmanpreet extends her arms and swings away to glory. Chance of a catch at the boundary but it flies over her head. SIX. She follows it with a single, something she did time and time again in the game against Australia. More to come from her bat? We hope so. India 88/2.

22 overs – India 75/2. Punam 34*, HK 20*.

Required rate – 5.5, getting higher slowly.

So it turns out that the England wicket-keeper Sarah Taylor doesn’t only have male fans:

20 overs – 31 in the first ten overs, followed by 38 in the next ten. A slow period but Harmanpreet ended the 20th over with a lusty blow. SIX. She moves on to 17 from 37 now, but you’ve got to say that Punam Raut is the key, having settled in and batting at 31* at the moment.

This partnership is now 17 in 43 deliveries. India taking their own sweet time. 

HK is taking a lot of time to settle in but we hope she doesn’t throw away her wicket after consuming so many deliveries. 55/2 in 18 overs.

16 overs – Gunn completes her fourth over and it’s her third maiden. She may just be changing the game in England’s favour here as India seem to be stuck – 50/2. Harmanpreet has hit a boundary but she seems to be struggling – 6(20). Required run rate has now climbed to a dangerous 5.3.

15.3 – Jenny Gunn has just given away 4 runs in her 3.3 overs so far. Brilliant bowling, brilliant figures. However, some of our India fans may not agree with her bowling action:

14.3 – HK gives the bowler the charge and just manages to clear the fielder at the edge of the ring. FOUR. India 49/2. Risky shot, but the result was right.

Shashank believes the Indian batters just need to stay out at the crease:

Harmanpreet played a lovely knock in the last game, scoring a record 171* and more importantly, securing victory for India in the semi final. Read about that majestic innings here. Can she construct a similar innings here? Another hundred will be perfect for India today.

13 overs – New batter in is the hero from the last game – Harmanpreet Kaur. India is a little spot of bother at 43/2. Can these two steady the ship?

Aliexpress INT

Third umpire has been called for a run out chance. Mithali Raj is the batter in question. Horrible running. Mithali has been run out for 17(31). OUT! The worst piece of running I have seen over a while. As the ball was coming in, the Indian captain didn’t’ bother to drag her bat in, or even extend her bat as she was short by quite a distance. Not good. Mithali Raj run out by Natalie Sciver – 17(31). Didn’t really look like Mithali wanted that run.

After a couple of maiden overs, India back on track as both Mithali and Punam strike one boundary each. 41/1 in 11 overs. Required run rate has climbed up to 4.8 as compared to the 4.58 at the start of the innings. However, it’s still under control for India.

10 overs – A maiden from Natalie Sciver followed by a maiden from Jenny Gunn. Pressure on India – 31/1. However, India hold the advantage after 60 overs of this match.

Huge roar around the ground as Akshay Kumar is seen in the stadium.

7.3 – Anya Shrubsole runs in and Punam Raut gets down on one knee and smashes it over the bowler’s head. SIX. India going well so far. Punam is tiny in stature but how well has she hit that. 30/1!

7 overs – Slow stuff but India making a steady start. 24/1. Stump to stump bowling by the English women. the problem with Mithali Raj is that she may consume a few deliveries while Punam is the attacking types. Hope she doesn’t get bogged down. The strike needs to be continuously rotated.

India women getting support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well:

5 overs – India 18/1. Both batters have hit a boundary each so far. Mithali is nearing 400 runs in this tournament while Punam can certainly up her scoring rate if she settles in. Required run rate is 4.7; India keeping it under check.

3 overs – India 8/1. Mithali 2*, Punam 3*.

2 overs – India 6/1. Expected though, as Mandhana hasn’t been doing well after those first two games of the tournament. Funny over that was though, as Anya Shrubsole bowled three wides, and the first ball that she bowled on target, she struck gold and gave her country the important opening wicket. Mithali Raj walks in..

1.4 – And she’s gone. OUT. Bowled. We expected a change in the opening partnership as Mandhana hasn’t been good in the last few games for India. This time she fails to even get a run as Shrubsole breaks through her defenses. Smriti Mandhana bowled by Anya Shrubsole – 0(4).

0.5 – First runs on the board for India. One. Slightly back of the length delivery and Punam Raut guides it down to third man for a single. A good over so far by Brunt, bowling a disciplined line and length.

The players are walking back on to the field. Smriti Mandhana scored well in the first couple of games but has failed ever since in this tournament. Can she find back some form today? On the day it counts the most. 4.58 in the required run rate at the start of the innings. Katherine Brunt to open the bowling.

Aliexpress INT

India will need a record World Cup chase if they want to be successful today. Great job by Jhulan today – to have bowled such a beautiful spell of 3/23 even at the age of 34 is a great accomplishment.

It’s the innings break at the moment but we at Read Scoops will keep getting you tweets and stats from the game, so stay tuned. Remember to leave your comments at the bottom.

Harsha Bhogle seems to think that the chase has been perfectly set up:

This fan ditched her mother and friends to get to the Home of Cricket, Lord’s:

Single off the last ball and that’s a brilliant over by the youngster to close in the innings. 7 runs in the 50th over. England lost regular wickets but they kept scoring runs, making a total of 228/7. Good job by the Indian bowlers but it’s going to be very difficult to complete this chase.

Deepti Sharma it is to bowl the final over. Off spin – interesting. Just 19 years of age, huge responsibility bowling the last over here. Some good fielding is being seen in this final over; India have saved a couple of important runs. Six runs have come off the first 5 balls.

Four singles off the first four balls of the 49th over, and two more off the last two. Six singles in the over; a good one by Gayakwad. Who will bowl the final over? Not Shikha for sure. She’s been wayward. 221/7 in 49 overs.

48 overs – 215/7. Shikha Pandey has not had a good day at all. She began the over getting hit for a FOUR by Jenny Gunn, she then bowled a no ball, followed by a FOUR to end the over as well. 14 runs off that over. Great one for England. They are back in the driver’s seat. They will be targetting 230+ here.

47.1 – Middle of the bat from Gunn. FOUR!

A good piece of fielding to affect that run out but brunt played a good little cameo out there. Will her runs turn out to be in a match winning cause? Leave your comments and let us know what you think. England 198/7 in 46.4 overs.

Mahima guesses 230:

45.6 – Direct Hit. Another big wicket for India. Gunn dabs it to cover and calls for the single. Deepti Sharma picks it up and calmly aims at the stumps at the strikers end. She hits and Brunt has got to go. Katherine Brunt run out by Deepti Sharma – 34(42).

Kids enjoying the action as well:

45 overs – 192/6.

Poonam Yadav has come in to bowl her final over. She’s given away 32 runs in her 9 overs so far. Brunt and Gunn doing a good job for England at the moment, having put on a slow but very vital partnership of 25* so far. These two are going to have a big role with the ball as well, later today.

Viewers tuning in from all over the world:

44 overs – Another good over for England, including a boundary after a very long time. 9 runs from the over. England 188/6.

Just emphasizing the importance of that spell from Jhulan Goswami:

Lots of chances coming for India. After that missed catch chance, there were two run out chances as well, one which went to the third umpire as well. However, Gunn had made her ground and a little sloppy fielding from India allowed overthrows as well. 179/6 after 43 overs. better over for England.

42 overs – 174/6. Another low scoring over. On the 5th ball of this over, Brunt sent the ball flying in the air and there was a clear chance but Smriti Mandhana didn’t get to ti, after putting in a good dive. Missed chance.

41 overs – 171/6. India have tightened the screws once again.

40 overs England 168/6. Jhulan has bowled a fantastic spell today, in this big World Cup final. How important will this spell turn out to be? 10-3-23-3. Wow. However, let’s not forget that these two can bat and a 220+ score is still possible.

Don’t forget to leave your comments at the bottom of the page. 

Jhulan in for her last over. Huge gamble here. There won’t be any overs from her in the last ten of the England innings. Remember, Katherine Brunt & Jenny Gunn aren’t too bad with the bat. Gunn however, is yet to get off the mark, having played 12 deliveries so far.

Aliexpress INT

39 overs – 165/6.

Jhulan Goswami has changed the game for India.

Big day in sport:

37.1 – Jhulan is brought back in for a risky 9th over. And she strikes on ball one. Nat Sciver given OUT. It was a gamble to bring her on for her 9th over but she repays the faith, striking off her first ball. Given LBW but Sciver decides to review. Unsuccessful review and Sciver has to walk off. huge wicket here for India. Natalie Sciver LBW by Jhulan Goswami – 51(68).

Brunt finishes the over with a boundary – England 164/5 after 37 overs.

36.1 – Natalie Sciver gets to FIFTY. It took her 65 balls to get to this milestone and she seems determined to get more. It has been an attacking innings from her right from ball one – five boundaries in this innings so far.

36 overs – 157/5. Great over from Jhulan, she only gives away 2. She’s completed 8 overs. Will that be her last of this spell?

35 overs – 155/5. Powerplay 2 has been taken and will go on from overs 36 to 40.

Sushma Verma misses a run out chance here. Attempts a run out chance but doesn’t have any idea that there was a much better chance of a run out at the non-striker’s end. There was a huge mix up between Sciver and Brunt, but the Indian wicket-keeper was unaware. Katherine Brunt survives.

Harmanpreet Kaur has been expensive but she has been brought back in for another spell. She gave 21 in her first 3 overs. Can she deliver a better spell now?

Can India restrict the hosts to 250 in this crucial final? Leave your comments to let us know.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar seems to be pretty excited about this game as well:

Katherine Brunt comes in to face the hat-trick ball. Forward defence; well negotiated. England 146/5 in 33 overs. India not just back in the game, but right on top of the game. Jhulan has turned the game on it’s head.

32.5 – Jhulan runs in to bowl to the new batter and what a ball to deliver first up. Perfect YORKER. Wilson was the one who scored against India last time they played but this time she has to make the long walk back. Just in and just out for a golden duck. Fran Wilson LBW by Jhulan Goswami – 0(1).

India get the much needed breakthrough. England 146/4 in 32.4 overs. Taylor wasn’t happy with herself. Fran Wilson is the new batter. And she’s OUT too.

32.4 – The umpire takes his time. Finally, he gives it. OUT!

When I say he took his time, trust me he took a lottttttt of time. Down the leg side and the keeper collects and appeals for a catch. Jhulan joins in the appeal as well and after giving it plenty of thought, umpire Adrian Holdstock decides to give Taylor out caught behind. Sarah Taylor dismissed by Jhulan Goswami – 45(62).

32 overs – 144/3; four singles coming from that over.

This won’t happen if India let it slip:

30.5 – Chipped in the air and Jhulan Goswami doesn’t manage to reach the ball to complete the catch. Sarah Taylor survives.

Great fightback by Taylor and Sciver. Game slipping from India’s grasp.

30 overs – 133/3. Singles and doubles coming very easily for England right now. Both batters scoring at a strike rate of 75+. India need a breakthrough now if they want to get back into the game. Mithali says that’s enough of spin and she goes back to her strike bowler Jhulan Goswami..

India just going with the flow at the moment, and the flow at the moment is the flow of runs from the bats of these two English batters. Mithali Raj needs to put on her thinking cap – run rate back up to 4.4 now.

29 overs – 128/3. Sarah Taylor 37* and Natalie Sciver 36* as these two are building a very dangerous partnership. India need to be worried at the moment; Harmanpreet Kaur has been way too expensive, giving away 21 runs in her 3 overs so far. Is she still carrying that injury from the last game???

So women’s cricket is getting a lot of fans now:

25 overs – 104/3. It’s become very dark around the ground now. Remember, we do have a reserve day but I don’t think anyone will want to see the game get postponed to tomorrow. England seem to be getting into an attacking mindset at the moment.

Rain coming down hard. Ground staff ready to run on with the covers. Anytime now..

24 overs – 94/3. These two running well between the wickets, but they’re giving a small chance here and there as well. Remember, Sarah Taylor was run out in the semi final. 24.2 – Swept away for FOUR by Nat Sciver, fllowed by a single and England bring up their 100. 100/3 in 25.3 overs.

23 overs – 91/3. Run rate just below 4 at the moment. These two seem to be building a slow and steady partnership here, just what England needed. India have loosened the pressure on the hosts. Few drops of rains can be seen here. Groundsmen getting ready. The light around the ground seems to have faded too.

22 overs – 88/3. Sarah Taylor 19*, Natalie Sciver 16*. Judy Murray in the crowd – former tennis player, current tennis coach, huge advocate of women’s sports and mother of current tennis players Andy and Jamie Murray.

21 overs – 85/3. Lots of support for the Indian women:

Rajeshwari Gayakwad back into the attack. Last ball of the 20th over – Third umpire for a direct hit… Safely home. 80/3 after 20 overs.

16:30 IST: Spinners bowling in tandem here – Deepti Sharma and Poonam Yadav. Pressure on the England batters. 19 overs – 79/3.

After 18 overs, England women are batting at 69/3, with their innings run rate having dropped below 4 for the first time in the game. Sarah Taylor is still out there on 10(19)*, while Natalie Sciver seems to be playing a counter-attacking innings here – two boundaries in her 10(12)*.

We’re back and we brought some good luck with us. 16.1 – Poonam Yadav gets the England captain out LBW. Heather Knight dismissed for 1 in 7 balls. England women 64/3.

After 16 overs, England are batting at 63/2. Still a great run rate for a World Cup final but India seem to have the momentum on their side at the moment. Drinks are on the field.

16:05 IST: Hi guys. Sorry, we were down with a bit of technical difficulties but we’re all sorted now. England got off to a great start but the Indian spinners have seemed to have pulled it back a bit.

14:46 IST: England Women Cricket Team has won the toss and will Bat first! 

Both side have an unchanged squad from the semi final. There is an overcast condition but we hope to see an entire 50 over game today!

England Women (Playing Squad): Lauren Winfield, Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor(w), Heather Knight(c), Natalie Sciver, Fran Wilson, Katherine Brunt, Jenny Gunn, Laura Marsh, Anya Shrubsole, Alex Hartley

India Women (Playing XI): Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut, Mithali Raj(c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Veda Krishnamurthy, Sushma Verma(w), Jhulan Goswami, Shikha Pandey, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Poonam Yadav

12:40 IST: After creating headlines recently for making Jonny Bairstow hobble off in a net session, Arjun Tendulkar  (son of Sachin Tendulkar) is back in the news. The 16-year old Arjun was seen bowling to the Indian women ahead of their final clash against England.

Former India opener Gautam Gambhir says that if the girls manage to win today, it will be greater than the India men’s 1983 and 2011 victories. He tweeted this in their support a while back:

11:35 IST: Mithali Raj will lead the batting front while Jhulan Goswami will spearhead the bowling attack. Can India create history by winning their first ever women’s World Cup trophy? They have reached the final for the first time in 12 years and will be playing at the Home of Cricket – Lord’s. Can India do it? Or will the England women turn out to be too strong for them?

Support the #WomenInBlue

The Indian women’s cricket team led by captain Mithali Raj have been fantastic in this tournament (ICC Women’s World Cup 2017) so far. They came in and created a streak of wins, including a shock victory against hosts and one of the tournament favourites England.

Their streak came to an end when South Africa beat them in a group stage game followed by an 8-wicket loss to Australia as well. India were in a tough spot, playing New Zealand in a virtual quarter final and they played with authority, beating them by a massive 186 runs.

All fans of the India women’s cricket team wouldn’t have been too ecstatic though, as they knew the next big game was the semi final – against the mighty Australians. Out of the total of 10 women’s World Cups to have been played till date, Australia have won 6, England 3 and New Zealand 1.

Aliexpress INT

Read Scoops India women's team
India women’s team

Not many would’ve expected an Indian win but they took their game to the next level that day (especially Harmanpreet Kaur), beating Australia by 36 runs and booking their spot in what will be only their second ever World Cup final. Read the highlights and best tweets of that India vs Australia game here.

Today, 23rd July 2017 is the big day – the FINAL. The women from both teams have been preparing for this day since the last 4 years and you can expect some high quality cricket happening here. England come into this game as high favourites. Will they claim their 4th World Cup title?

India on the other hand are the underdogs but they are high on confidence after that win against Australia, plus India have beaten England once before in this ICC event. Will India secure their first ever Women’s Cricket World Cup trophy?

Tune in to this page at 3 pm today, where we at Read Scoops will be having LIVE commentary and regular updates for this game. Cheers!

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