Irfan Pathan Trolled For Sharing Photo With Wife

What is our country coming to?

Yesterday, Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan took to social networking websites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share of photo of him with his wife (Safa Baig) with caption ‘This girl is trouble  #love #wifey‘.

However, instead of appreciating the picture, people decided to lash out at the younger Pathan brother. Meant as a fun post by all-rounder Pathan, he wouldn’t have expected the replies he was getting from all over the country. Thousands of people trolled, ridiculed and insulted the cricketer who was once the pride of our nation, for apparent un-Islamic behaviour. Here’s what he posted:

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People replied with nonsense comments asking Irfan why he is behaving uneducated and posting pictures of his wife with nail-polish on, which is supposedly ‘haraam‘ in the Islamic religion. People also ridiculed Irfan for posting pictures where his wife’s face and arms are visible.

There were also quite a few comments asking the cricketer to keep his wife covered if he is a true Muslim, and telling him how it was very unnecessary to be posting such pictures of his wife online; the picture sparked an immediate controversy ever since it was posted on the social networks.

Irfan was one of the most loved Indian cricketers when he was a part of the Indian team and it’s very sad to see such ridiculous, uneducated and rude comments from people across the country. While some people may support such behaviour, we at Read Scoops don’t condone such type of comments.

It’s funny how people have commented telling ‘Irfan bhai’ he is a great cricketer and fantastic human being, but also telling him that he shouldn’t post such pictures with his wife on social media ever again. What is this? How are people expected to react to such comments?

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