List of All Double Hundreds in ODI Cricket

For an international batsman, scoring a century in ODI or test cricket is a huge milestone, and batsmen dream of hitting one every time they walk out on the pitch. However, times are changing now, as ‘double centuries’ are now creeping into the game.

A decade back, one would only laugh at you if you mentioned getting a double hundred in ODI cricket; something one could only achieve in test cricket, if time is on their side. However, there have been 7 ODI double centuries scored so far, and many dangerous opening batsmen threaten to add on to this list.

Australia women’s batter Belinda Clark was incidentally the first to score a double century in an ODI, way back in 1997, when she scored a murderous 229* against Denmark. It took 13 years for the first male cricketer to do so, when Sachin scored one against South Africa.

5 out of the 7 double hundreds ever scored have been achieved by Indians, and 3 of those belong to Ro-Hitman Sharma. He isn’t just the only person to have 3 double hundreds, but no other batsman has even 2 double hundreds to their name. Here’s the full list in chronological order:

1. Sachin Tendulkar: It was only fitting that the first ever men’s ODI double century was scored by Sachin, a legend of the game of cricket. He managed to get there right towards the end of his innings, and finish at a score of 200* against South Africa on 24th February 2010. Not many will forget that innings!

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2. Virender Sehwag: If Sachin can do it, then why not Viru paaji? The man who has 2 triple centuries in tests came out and scored a double in ODIs on 8th December 2011 against West Indies. Mind you, he had mentioned that he intends on scoring a double century just few months back, before the 2011 World Cup!

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3. Rohit Sharma: This guy’s style and technique is very similar to that of Sehwag’s and he did what Sehwag did – scoring a double century in India. His 209 came against a tired Australian bowling attack, and India piled loads of runs on the scoreboard in the last 10-15 overs of the game. This score came on 2nd November, 2013.

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4. Rohit Sharma: Just a year after his first double hundred, Rohit got greedy for another one. The only difference is, he got a massive one this time, having registered the first ever score of 250+, and ending his innings finally at 264. This knock came on 13th November 2014, and I really pity the Sri Lankan bowling line up that had to bowl to him on that day. This one, like the other three, was also scored in India.

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5. Chris Gayle: How can we not include Mr. Christopher Henry Gayle in this list? Known as one of the most destructive batsmen in the history of cricket, Gayle smashed 215 against Zimbabwe on 24th February 2015, in a World Cup group stage game. This became the first double century outside India, and also the first by a non-Indian batsman.

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6. Martin Guptill: It didn’t take too long to get the next ODI double century, with Guptill hitting 237* on 22nd March 2015, in that same World Cup. The match was against West Indies, and Gayle would’ve felt what it was like to have the opponent smashing you all over the ground, the way Guptill did that day.

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7. Rohit Sharma: On 13th December 2017, Rohit decided to go down into history books by becoming the first ever to 3 double centuries in ODIs. He hit 13 fours and 12 sixes in that innings against Sri Lanka. Incidentally, the date was also 13/12 and it was also Rohit’s wedding anniversary. Nice gift, eh? This 208* was ironically his lowest ever 200+ score 😛

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