Umpire Gives Out and Changes Mind to Rub Nose

This is probably something we’ve never seen before on a cricket ground. In today’s match between Melbourne Renegades and Adelaide Strikers, there was a match-defining moment in Rashid Khan’s final over, as the Strikers tried to defend their 1st innings total of 155. Rashid was bowling the 17th over of the match when the umpire didn’t something completely and totally ridiculous!

Who we believe to be umpire George Davidson, Rashid bowled a fantastic wrong ‘un and struck Renegades’ Beau Webster bag on the front pad. Webster started walking as he believed he was the 7th wicket to fall and the Strikers began celebrating as well, considering this would’ve been the final nail in the coffin for the Renegades in their chase.

Umpire George Davidson in BBL 2019

However, the umpire stunned as all. He begun raising his finger and then took a complete u-turn just as everyone already accepted the fall of the wicket. Halfway through raising his finger to give Webster out LBW, Davidson decided to stop and rub his nose instead, which left everyone perplexed. In fact, no one knew if this was even real!?

Honestly, I thought it as a joke from the ump, who turned flush red as the players started turning to him and questioning him. In fact, he even did it again to tell the players on field what he was doing. Weird hahaha. If nothing, we do know that this was one way for Davidson to get famous across the world.

In just a few minutes, he became an internet sensation and the retweets and likes just keep coming. While it comes as a joke to all of us, this was actually a crucial moment of the game as Beau Webster was the last recognized batsman for the team. However, all’s well that ends well and stuff ended well for the Strikers who ended up winning the game by 18 runs!

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