Introducing The Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017

Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav is completing its 28th year of organizing and running successful sports and cultural events for local citizens. Read Scoops is very proud to announce that we are the content partner of the Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017.

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Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav 2017

Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav has been gaining a good response from schools, colleges, sports institutions and local sports groups from Palghar and Mumbai. Every year, to encourage sports, arts, and culture, Young Star Trust (Virar) has been organizing this event every year.

Last year, the participation figure was said to be around 50k as per sources and this year it is expected to increase. Kala Krida Mahotsav is a mixture of Art, Sport and Cultural competitions between different age groups. A total of 34 categories together in arts and cultural competitions, with famous events like RANGOLI, SALAD DECORATION, COOKING etc. Sports has almost 28 categories in the competition with different age groups and KHO-KHO, KABADDI, LAME LEG are the most popular ones.

salad competiton kala Krida Mahotsav

Every year, there is a celebrity visit for the inauguration of the sports event and last year, two cricketers in Mr. S Sreesanth and Mr. Vinod Kambli were present. The special guests for this year is not yet announced but we will be updating it as soon as we have the news.

Participation for the various competitions is closed by now and qualification rounds have begun. To know more about the timetable for various events, you can visit the links below:

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