Liverpool Set to Qualify for UCL Semi Finals

It’s early in the AM on the 5th of April, when Liverpool take on Manchester City in a game at Anfield Stadium. Manchester City are in hot form, winning (almost) the Premier League after creating all sorts of points and goal-scoring records. Let’s just say that they were steam-rolling every opposition they have faced in the last 8-10 months.

What happens next is absolutely shocking as the ball finds the net thrice in the first half. Just in case you were wondering, it wasn’t Man City who was doing the scoring, but Liverpool. Yes, that’s true. Liverpool scored 3 goals in a half. Against an in-form Manchester City. Check it out:

  • Mohammed Salah – 12′ ⚽
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlian – 20′ ⚽
  • Sadio Mane – 31′ ⚽

Most would say that Manchester City is still capable of winning the second leg of the quarter final well enough to proceed to the semi final. People think so because of their form, and their history of not just winning, but scoring 4-5 goals in so many games over the last year or so. They had 11 shots in the 1st leg, compared to Liverpool’s 9, while they hogged possession in that game as well – 66%. They also had 8 corners, while Liverpool had NONE!

Liv vs Man City

Now, with no away goals at the 1st leg game, the contest becomes so much tougher for Man City in the 2nd leg. No doubt, they are still huge favourites to win the match, but can they win with a 3-goal difference? If Liverpool do fins the net, City will then have to win with a 4-goal difference? I clearly don’t see this happening.

I see Liverpool completely parking the bus and ensuring that the likes of Aguero (coming back from injury) and co. don’t score a lot of goals. While Liverpool have never lost a European match after winning the 1st leg 3-0, City have scored 3 or more goals in more than half of their 23 home games this season.

All in all, it’s going to be tough for them, but I believe Liverpool can weather this storm and even score a goal or two at the Etihad Stadium in this 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter final. Other games that will also take place tonight are Barcelona vs Roma, Bayern vs Sevilla, and Real Madrid vs Juventus.

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